Cough in children

Cough in children

Cough in children


Most of the children got cough in  their childhood, and It is  a serious sickness that need constantly carrying your baby to a doctor .

What is cough ?

Cough a natural reaction carried out by the lung to clean the bronchi, which is also the work involuntarily, and sometimes be involuntarily sudden repeated to unload the upper airways.

Cough in children have various causes .Generally, it may be caused by irritation of the output due to injury a certain germs, whether viral or bacterial or inflammation in the upper or lower respiratory tract or swallowing any foreign body, and anything that could trigger allergic Child.

The treatment of cough

The treatment of coughing is depending on locating its causes. For example, in cases of colds in children under the age of six years, it  prefers not given cough medicines  because these drugs produce side effects, so it  is better to use preventive ways in which the fight against colds that affect them  and rest in bed. So, prevention is better than cure. There are recipes might protect the child from colds, and these are some of them:

Children over the age of six months should be eaten a lot of fluid intake along with breastfeeding whether natural or artificial milk, unlike the false beliefs which says that milk increases the amount of mucus

Zinc supplementation

Vitamin C

If the cause of cough  is a result of a bacterial pneumonia, a doctor resorted to the use of the antibiotic, and the child should not be given without an antibiotic see a doctor.

If the child is more than a year can count on warm drinks, such as honey and lemon syrup. It is not recommended to give these drinks for children who are less than a year.

The bottom line is that you have to knwo what cause it , then you’ve got to treat your baby the appropiate medicine.

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