Cranberry: a natural cure for cystitis
Cranberry: a natural cure for cystitis

Cranberry: a natural cure for cystitis

It’ s Known for decades on the other side of the Atlantic, Cranberry (sometimes called cranberry, although it is not exactly the same plant) is a small berry red with bitter and tangy juice at the same time.

Cranberry: a natural cure for cystitis

Cranberry is its Anglo-Saxon name. In France, it is called cranberry or “big red cranberry”. Bitter and tangy at the same time, this small red berry is known in the United States for ages. These juices are refreshing drinks, but are also well known for their healthful virtues.

A traditional remedy for cystitis

In France, nearly two million women are each year victims of recurrent urinary infections. Despite the pain and disability they create, the means available to physicians remain slender. The reference treatment is based on the use of antibiotics, which reduces the rate of recurrence. However, the phenomena of resistance of the bacteria to the antibiotics are more and more frequent and the management can then come under the headache. In the United States, cranberry fruit juice has been consumed for several decades as a traditional remedy for these urinary tract infections.

But some remedies of grandmothers have sometimes turned out to be only a powder of perlimpinpin, what about cranberry juice? Several very serious studies have shown that the consumption of this fruit juice makes it possible to reduce the frequency of urinary infections in young women 1,2 but also in elderly women. 3 A reduction which according to the studies and the doses varies between – 20% and – 60%. This effect would also be observed with encapsulated powder tablets .

Finally, the regular consumption of this cranberry juice provides even a good protection against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Faced with this constantly increasing phenomenon, the effectiveness of these drugs is put at risk and alternatives such as cranberry juice Are really welcome.

Anti-accession mechanisms

But how can we explain these miraculous properties? Contrary to what one might have thought for a while, it is not the acidification of the urine by the cranberry juice which is at the origin of this protection. Further research has brought to light an original mechanism. These berries contain flavonoids, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. These latter compounds to the barbaric name would be able to bind to certain Escherichia coli bacteria responsible for cystitis and prevent them from adhering to the bladder cells and causing infection. With no anchor point, these bacteria are naturally eliminated by natural routes.

Little is known about the rapidity of action of this miracle remedy. A study in June 2002 suggests that this beneficial effect occurs within two hours of ingestion and remains noticeable for more than 10 hours at the urinary level.5 Results which, if confirmed, would support a ration in the morning and another Evening for optimum coverage.

Benefits recognized by Afssa

For the first time in France, the French Agency for Food Safety has recently ruled on cranberry). On 6 April 2004, the national agency issued a favorable opinion on both safety 8 and the health benefits of this product: “the consumption of Vaccinium macrocarpon juice leads to a decrease in the Frequency of urinary tract infections due to certain uropathogenic E.coli in adult females. This effect is also reported with an encapsulated powder of Vaccinium macrocarpon.

Thus, since then, these products can benefit from the very official claim: “helps to reduce the binding of certain E. coli bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract.”

If, like many women, you are victims of recurrent cystitis, you should be able to find these famous juices in stores of natural products or in the form of tablets in pharmacy.

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