Dark circles
Dark circles
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Dark circles

Dark circles is one of the problems that negatively affect both men , women, and even children .

What are the causes of dark circles? And how it can be prevented? What are the treatments for dark circles?

Causes of dark circles

1 – dark circles, pigmentation is a condition affecting the skin, caused by melanin produced by cells working on coloring the area around the eye and be darker than normal skin. The problem in this pigmentation there is no cure removes final yet, but can be alleviated and becomes darker one degree than the rest of the face and is not noticeable degree.

2 – the cause of dark circles and genetic factors and also factors dating back to the lifestyle.

3 – The use of laser bleaching this region is not feasible because the dark color around the eye is not a body or a prominent line of shiny leather, we remove it, it is the color of blood is oxidized under the thin skin lacks the fatty layer coverage.

4 – It is recommended those who suffer from dark circles using natural remedies for fatigue resistance, which causes the appearance of dark circles. It is necessary to be patient because the treatment requires time.

5 – note that dark circles grow and stand out depending on the psychological mood of the situation and also to man, tension and anxiety undoubtedly an important factor in increasing the problem of dark circles.

Prevention is always better than cure

  1. adequate sleep and deep and early and stay away from ensuring as much as possible because it causes dark circles and premature aging.
  2. Non-smoking because nicotine leads to constriction of blood vessels leading to  dark leather and carbon compounds and toxic as well as lead to reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood becomes agitated skin color.
  3. The lack of exposure to the sun for long periods, and everything in moderation and generous and protective of the sun setting.
  4. Avoid emotion and tension and anxiety and do relaxed avoid nasal congestion or nasal allergies exercises.
  5. removal of make-up is good and this is very important before bedtime invited your skin breathe a little bit.

Treatments of black circles around the eyes

  1. Action compresses lukewarm tea and put it on the eyes for 10 minutes because the tea Holding properties contribute to the revitalization of the blood vessels.
  2. Action compresses to the eye as potato chips contained a strong bleach for the skin and put it on the eyes for half an hour. After washing the eyes is necessary to moisturize the eye contour sweet almond oil to the region is not exposed to drought.
  3. Action compresses to the eye with lukewarm water and then cold water and put all of them on the eyes for 10 minutes a day, it stimulates the region to stimulate the rise of oxygen.
  4. Action compresses to the eye of cold milk or cold option or rosewater or Chamomile and put it on the eyes for half an hour.
  5. Pass a cube of ice under the eyes erosion snow melts.

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