Declare war on cellulite
Cellulite:Declare war on cellulite
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Declare war on cellulite

The origin of cellulite, fat cell, a cell of the subcutaneous tissue, fat tank with almost unlimited storage capacity: its size can be multiplied by 60! 

Adipocytes increases in volume result in a stretching of the walls. This form depressions visible on the surface of the skin that becomes padded: the orange peel. Adipocytes engorged fat compress the blood and lymph vessels. Microcirculation and cellular exchanges are then disrupted which promotes water retention in the tissues.

Why her and not me?

It is clear that there is a genetic predisposition to cellulite. For example, saddlebags often an inherited trait. Cellulite is favored by overweight and a diet too rich in sugars and fats. It also appears sometimes at puberty or later in menopause, in short every time of hormonal changes taking place. Finally, cellulite is often associated with venous insufficiency.

Is it easy to lose cellulite?

Everything depends on its origin. It is more easily rid of cellulite hormonal than a venous or congenital cellulite. While it is unrealistic to expect them to disappear entirely, cellulite can be greatly mitigated by preventing the accumulation of new fat, prompting the cells to get rid of their reserves and promoting tissue drainage.

6 anti-cellulite action

1- Put your fat cells to the plan

Watch your weight, such as what you eat. If fats are stigmatized, often forgotten sugar. Excess  quantity of sugar into adipocytes where it is converted into fat. Eliminate from your diet all simple sugars: pastries, sodas, chocolate bars, biscuits etc.

2- Do the right exercises

Exercise tones the skin while it improves blood circulation. Aerobic exercises prefer staying in your heart rate zone endurance because this type of effort mobilizes fat: walking, skiing, cycling, swimming.

3- Improve microcirculation

For this, nothing better than the phyto: red vine, horse chestnut, witch hazel, butcher’s broom to decrease capillary permeability, orthosiphon piloselle against water retention.

4- Burn fat with green tea

The green tea leaves stimulate lipolysis and thermogenesis: fat reserves are mobilized faster. More green tea inhibits the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars by partial inhibition of certain digestive enzymes.

  1. Massage your caffeine with cream

What is effective: the cream or massage? Both. The application caffeine restructures the skin. The massage promotes drainage of tissues. Practice rolling massage, a massage technique that has proven itself: the skin fold is entered for the winding and unwinding. This gymnastics restructures connective tissue, blood and lymphatic stimulus circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

6- As a last resort, liposuction

This surgical technique is to extract localized fat deposits. It can remove deep fat but does not address the appearance of orange peel. One can refine different body parts: the inside and the outside of the thighs, hips, abdomen, knees, calves and underarms. Prices vary depending on the areas to be treated (from 1 800 to € 2,700).

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