Dermabrasion as a treatment for skin
Dermabrasion as a treatment for skin
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Dermabrasion as a treatment for skin

Dermabrasion helps fight against skin alterations such as rosacea, small tasks or even scarring. The abrasion of the skin is to avoid dressings. Zoom on this method, the results are comparable to those of the laser.

Dermabrasion Abrasion of the skin is made mechanically by means of a grinding wheel. Please note, not the mechanics apprentice tool-but a miniature tool requiring the dexterity of a professional. According SOFCEP, “it has been proposed to improve it by making an electrical dermabrasion using a scalpel handle connected to the current which, by performing progressive passages, get a good quality result avoiding dressings and suites of classic dermabrasion. ” This technique would produce results comparable to those of the laser.

Dermabrasion effectively fights against:

Rosacea is made of small dilated vessels in the cheeks and nose.

The erythroses are redness of the face, first occurring in spurts to temperature change or after meals. They become permanent after several years of evolution.

The erythosis coli are unsightly persistent redness sides of the neck.

Rubies spots are multiple red spots scattered on the trunk.

The angioma is¬†¬†commonly called “spots” wine “. These lesions should be treated early in infancy, but excellent results are also obtained in adults.

Besides these “spots”, the skin is sometimes altered by the sun or simply by wrinkling (expression wrinkles), against which the abrasion can work miracles.

The number of sessions depends on the extent, location and type of each lesion. A therapeutic effect is still practiced.

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