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Diet:How successful dieting?

Diet guide

To be successful, a diet must meet a number of conditions. Here’s how to make a good start and put the odds on his side …

To start, above all, the candidate must be convinced that it must and wants to lose weight. No need to hide it, a scheme generally requires a lot of will, determination and courage! In the absence of a deep motivation, failure is almost certain … Various “helpers” in the plan are available in the medical community, to the chemist, in supermarkets or in specialty shops but all are not recommended … Moreover, a regime to succeed, the support of the environment is paramount.

The diet should be as attractive as possible and reflect the tastes of the person who undertakes it. For example, the Dukan diet or Delabos regime does not agree to a vegetarian; the end gastronome should avoid the Slim Fast diet and other diet of meal replacements … Especially, the regime should prevent the painful sensation of hunger (do not confuse hunger that gnaws at the stomach and “want” to eat): the volume of food consumed should be sufficient to provide a feeling of fullness. For this, we must focus on low calorie density foods as recommended in the volumetric regime.

The plan must also take into account the lifestyle of the person: an active person who runs all day will not hold up with the same reduced calorie intake that a person of the same age whose lifestyle is essentially sedentary. It must also be practical and easily achievable … Needless to embark on a diet that requires spending hours in the kitchen if you do not have time to cook …

Finally, to be successful dieting, it usually takes a long patience. Nothing is being too hasty! There is no miracle! Beware of advertising of the kind slogans: “Lose 5 kg in a week without ever regrossir” or “lose 8 kg in two weeks without ever resume” with stories and pictures “before” and “after” … Do you let not coil! These results are not possible. Why ?

1 gram of fat provides 9 calories. Thus, in general, to lose 1 gram of fat requires a calorie deficit 9 calories. To lose a kilo of fat, so you need a deficit of 9000 calories. A person whose daily caloric needs of 2,500 kcal and that opts for a well balanced diet of 1500 kcal per day will lose 1 kg of fat by nine days (in reality, things are a bit more complex and weight loss not always follow such a mathematical diagram). 1/2 to 1 kilo per week is the maximum that it is prudent not to exceed.

Quickly lost the kilos are not kilos kilos of fat but water and muscle: most return after stopping the plan. Diuretics, saunas and some food supplements including, give the illusion of weight loss while the lost weight is that of the eliminated water (which will return soon).

At the beginning of a plan, for someone who has never done, it is often useful to weigh food allowed in limited quantities in order to achieve weight-volume-mail calories of each food (read: how to evaluate food calories). Once the habit, this tedious weighing will not be necessary. The timing of meals is important: do not skip a meal, on the contrary. It is best to divide the daily ration into 3 main meals and 2 snacks, one in the morning and the other during the afternoon.

Also, note in a notebook all food consumed by specifying the time and circumstances to better awareness of his bad habits and remedy: only changing these bad habits can prevent relapse once the stop the plan.

Some people will need support from psychotherapy to change their eating habits and their relationship to food: the psychotherapist will listen to and understand the difficulties encountered, without judgment, which is critical.

The group of methods, the most famous is that of Weight Watchers, they can also bring comfort and assistance required and generally effective. Finally, people allergic to psychologists and groups can consult a dietician.


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