Diet of cabbage soup
Cabbage soup

Diet of cabbage soup

One week diet “cabbage soup” would lose between four and six kilos without hunger and without adverse health effects, according to Marion Grillparzer, author of “The Magic Soup”.

Green cabbage , white or red, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi and savoy cabbage: the choice is the basic ingredient of “magic soup” that you must prepare in quantity in a large pot to have on hand at any time of the day. Why cabbage?

“To absorb the cabbage, the body needs a greater quantity of energy than that provided by the food. Cabbage accelerates fat burning. The more you eat, the more you lose weight, “says the author. “In addition, it provides vitamins B and C, essential for energy metabolism. Without them, the fat on the hips remain. Overweight is often put on the account of an essential nutrient deficiency. ”

The original recipe developed there over thirty years by the medical profession is composed of white cabbage and some other vegetables (green peppers, carrots, onions, celery and canned tomatoes) and seasoned with cubes lean broth vegetables. In “The Magic Soup” Marion Grillparzer present four new sophisticated Asian-inspired recipes, Italian, North African and Mediterranean, all designed by renowned chefs. Indisputably more palatable than the first version rather basic, these recipes are biased with aromatic herbs, spices and other exotic flavors.

Of course, everyone is free to invent himself his own cabbage soup recipe, provided certain rules are respected. Cabbage and vegetables should constitute the main ingredients, vegetables with high glycemic index such as potatoes should be avoided as well as fats, with the exception of olive oil, the essential fatty acids help lose weight (2-4 spoonfuls per pot).


During the “magical week”, which begins Saturday Ideally, this cabbage soup base can be consumed at will at any time of the day, even between meals, hot or cold, as is or mixed. Otherwise, you will you stick with a strict list of permitted foods: fruit the first day, the second vegetables, fruit and vegetables on the third, banana and low fat dairy products the fourth or fifth fish poultry, fish or poultry and vegetables and finally the sixth, rice and vegetables on the seventh day.

Here are the other instructions to follow during the magical week:


Absorbing at least three liters of still mineral water and herbal teas a day.

Squeeze half a lemon into each glass of water to replenish vitamin C

Take a daily to two tablets of calcium and magnesium

Limit the intake of coffee and avoid alcohol completely

Every morning drink a protein-based powder solution or replace the protein powder by whey or buttermilk

30 minutes of jogging or brisk walking in the morning fasting, 15 minutes or jump on a trampoline

Breathing exercises twice a day after lunch and after dinner

10 minutes of strength exercises late in the afternoon with dumbbells and bands of soft latex

Marion Grillparzer in his book presents an alternative option to the classic cabbage soup diet: the alternate scheme for a period of seven days as well.

Finally, to avoid flatulence and bloating inevitably associated with this diet, it is recommended to add to the cabbage soup chamomile leaves or drinking an infusion of this plant. Cumin and fennel also help fight against these unpleasant sensations. Drink the tea in or add them to your cabbage soup.

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