Different types of overweight
Overweight : The different types
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Different types of overweight

In this artice,i will show the various kind of obesity and overweight that  have a bad effect on our   health.

To effectively manage the patients, it is essential to distinguish the different forms of overweight .

Moderate overweight 

overweight is not about obesity in judging people for a glance or by weighing! To assert that the weight is problematic, scientists have identified a specific tool: the body mass index (BMI). It is based on a simple calculation: the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. If the result is between 20 and 25 is considered normal weight. Between 25 and 30 is obesity : The overweight start becoming a threat to health. There is talk of actual obesity when BMI is between 30 and 35. In this case, the risk of disease (hypertension, diabetes, cancer …) become very important.

Severe overweight 

When BMI crosses the threshold of 35 but remains below that of 40, it is called severe obesity  . In this case, the risk of developing the disease due to obesity are greatly increased. It is imperative to lose several kilos. Moreover, it is only for a BMI over 35 as surgery may be recommended to treat overweight .

Morbid overweight  or massive

When the body mass index greater than 40, it is morbid overweight . Some experts even distinguish a higher stage, massive obesity , with a BMI in excess of 50. Note that this problem is growing concern in France in 5 years, the number of obese with a BMI 40 doubled to 0.6% of the population is now concerned.

A distribution problem

Regardless of body mass index, experts also distinguish two forms of obesity , depending on the distribution of body fat:

obesity android: fat mass rather be installed in the upper body. This form would be more hazardous to health, causing more easily problems of hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

This is why some doctors prefer to BMI measuring waist circumference, which would be a better reveals the risks of obesity
obesity  gynecoid: fat mass rather be installed in the lower body. This would be fewer repercussions on health, principally causing joint pain or venous insufficiency. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to overcome as the android obesity .

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