Divorce between parents can cause depression
Divorce between parents can cause depression in teenagers
Divorce between parents can cause depression in teenagers

Divorce between parents can cause depression

Stress, anxiety,  and  depression are the consequences of  divorce on a teenager, especially when the father left home.

Scientists are are formal: the divorce of parents has a direct impact (and quantifiable) on the health of children. Thus, previous studies have shown that a separation could trigger a problem making weight in children (sometimes to childhood obesity), asthma attacks or heart problems.

This time, the work of the University of Montreal (Canada) focus on the impact of divorce on mental health of teenagers, especially when it is the father who left home (72 % of cases in France, according to the Ministry of Justice). To do this, researchers followed 1160 Canadian and US adolescents: early experience, all were between 12 and 13 years old and lived with both parents. The volunteers were interviewed every three months using questionnaires.
A state of anxiety that may last.

Result: adolescents with divorced parents reported depressive symptoms up to 6 months after the separation (and the departure of their father). And this state of anxiety could even extend (significantly less anyway) until nine months after the declaration of divorce. Scientists have also noted that in most cases, the relationship with the mother deteriorated after the departure of the father figure.

“However, we noticed that, contrary to what one might think, divorce of parents did not encourage risky behavior among adolescents involved (drugs, alcohol, etc.), say the scientists, whose work was published in the journal Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Father departure one can imagine that engenders a sense of responsibility among young people. “

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