DIY Rhassoul Mud Shampoo For Greasy Hair
DIY Rhassoul Mud Shampoo For Greasy Hair
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DIY Rhassoul Mud Shampoo For Greasy Hair

Rhassoul Mud comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is strongly absorbent for grease and dirt. In this DIY Rhassoul Mud shampoo, you will strip a lot of the oils from your hair.

Greasy hair can come as a result of your scalp producing too much oil. Sometimes this is just an imbalance, but other times this can happen as a result of stripping the hair too frequently of its natural oils. Solutions include not washing your hair quite so often, using fewer heat treatments on your hair and also try to avoid touching your hair quite so much!

My top DIY beauty tip is to apply a Rhassoul Mud shampoo in the shower. Make sure that you only apply a thin mixture to your hair and rinse it thoroughly afterwards.


  • 25g Rhassoul Mud
  • 50g water


  1. Blend the Rhassoul Mud properly with the water to create a thin, runny paste. Make sure you don’t make it too thick the first time you try it, as Rhassoul Mud can be very absorbent.
  2. Apply this paste to your hair in the shower and massage it in for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure there is no residual shampoo left.

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