Do you suffer from depression?
Do you suffer from depression?
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Do you suffer from depression?

Depression  is a pattern of behavior includes … negative thinking, isolation and the rest of the cases not only exacerbate the feeling of  despair.

The good news is that you can learn how to avoid the trap .When asked yourselves last time: Do you suffer from depression?

“Traps depression” are cases where people tend to be drawn to it because of the influence mood and lack of energy that characterize cases of depression. These cases are behavioral patterns include isolation, drinking alcohol, avoid personal relationships such as friendship, love, obesity and others. The good news is that if you read this article, it will be easier for you to identify them – and out of it. Knowing these cases are actually halfway to know the answer to the question: Do I suffer from depression? To avoid this trap and get out of the difficult feelings and behaviors that characterize the people in cases of depression.

The first trap: Isolation

Avoid isolation and social life are the common feature of depression. When a person is suffering from clinical depression it is automatically tends to stay away from the others and isolation. Social isolation exacerbate depression and isolation are exactly the opposite of what it needs depressed person in his life. Social life has improved dramatically and stop depression.

Solution: Registered list of friends and acquaintances who you may have lost communication and renewed relationship with them.

Trap  two: Thinking

A key element of a depression is Infinite think in your case, in your relations with others, in your failures, in married life, self-censured, your future career, and much more. Depression poisons the line of thinking and “digging” infinite in all that is bad for you and try only make the situation worse. Psychologists say, “When you are in your head – you are in the land of the enemy.” People with depression have a tendency to think too much in their condition, and these ideas that do not end may make you get rid of it . Every important position not simple, can be explained by the depressed person personal a failure.

Solution: When you feel that you have and you signed again into the trap of thoughts and reflections, have turned your attention to the social life, phone calls, read a book or watching  a movie. All you can transform your attention to yourselves and your situation.

Mousetrap three: alcohol

Calming influence of alcohol is used in many cases to ease the pain of those suffering from depression. The problem is that the effect of alcohol catalyst for cases of depression may make the situation worse. Alcohol may help overcome social anxiety and sadness for a short period, but in the long term, it inhibits the nervous system, hurt sleep and increases the symptoms of depression.

Solution: Abstain from drinking alcohol. Consult your doctor and remember that alcohol harms the positive impact of antidepressants and anxiety.

Trap Four: Avoid exercise

Another feature of the state of depression is the lack of motivation to exercise. People who are depressed tend to isolation in homes do not show any desire to participate in activities such as swimming, running, training in the gym, yoga and others – even in cases in which they enjoyed very much in the past.


Solution: After the answer to your inquiry Do I suffer from depression? The solution you yourselves were forced to exercise, whatever the motives and the will to have a low, Do all things to pull yourselves out of the house and activate the body. Joined the fitness training in the gym, have joined to your friends who exercise or go out for a walk in the park. Research has already shown that after half an hour of aerobic exercise, there is a high probability that you will feel much better.

Trap Five: Sugar

People with cases of depression have a tendency to sweets because sugar consumption has a direct impact on the mood, but a very limited period. There are many people who suffer from despair than their weight and feel the impact of its sugar for about an hour, where the back end in the mood to its former position, and so it’s getting worse.

Solution: Avoid excessive consumption of sweets and junk food, they have maintained a balanced diet in sugar trap. Now more than ever, you must eat healthy and disciplined.

Trap Six: negative thinking

When a person is depressed, he attributed to himself and his surroundings negative thoughts and perceptions. Negative thoughts are a product of the depression and the more you keep thinking about them, the situation is getting worse. Depression leads to these negative thoughts which in turn lead to despair – and the magic circle.

Solution: strategy, “the guard who stands to Part” identified every negative thought coming into your head, and judge them. You can fully control your thoughts through practice and perseverance. Continuous training quickly becomes a habit and habit becomes printed.

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