Draining slimming products
Draining slimming products

Draining slimming products

After the famous “drink, eliminate” it would seem that we have improved the formula. By adding draining active in his water bottle, even better would be eliminated … to the delight of our figure!

After detoxification cures – that would like their name suggests, eliminate toxins – these are draining treatments. The objective, eliminate waste and toxins to drain tissues and fight against water retention.

Drain, what is it?

The products draining the drainage products are often derived from plants that have an effect on several organs: the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Their mode of operation is multiple, they can first have a diuretic that increases the flow of water in the body and the volume of urine is why you must drink lots of water so as not to put her body out of balance. Their action is also very present to purify the liver and kidneys by accelerating the natural filtration of these bodies. Some assets also stimulate digestion. Beware though, they do not slim down by themselves, they can accompany all the establishment of dietary rules then associate them a varied and balanced diet and a little exercises.

Presentation of the actors involved

Yet the drainage radius, today we have a choice. The products found in pharmacies are in the form of capsules, teas, juice or powder to be diluted. Their common point: a composition “natural” herbal. To better understand the action of these products, a small tour of their main components is required.

Plants stars drainage

Meadowsweet: This plant that grows everywhere in Europe diuretic that can reduce edema and to fight against water retention. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties;

Ash: the leaves of this tree are used to diuretic to fight against water retention

Green tea: Health plus green tea lies in its richness in antioxidants, substances that protect us from civilization diseases and aging in general. Many studies seek to determine the influence of tea in the protection of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. But if the tea meets present in the drainage products is due to its diuretic properties. Rich in caffeine it also proves to be an excellent tonic.

Birch bark: Its main property is to increase urine output. It is also recommended to fight against skin problems: it relieves dermatitis and ringworm.

Fennel: it stimulates digestion, fight the red stomach and bloating.

Other plants such as dandelion (whose name comes from pee), or black currant, burdock etc. are used in the draining products. The main virtue of these plants is their diuretic and digestive sometimes. Effective in case of digestion and water retention problems, these products do not eliminate the superfluous kilos. Unless of course to accompany a diet or weight loss program!

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