Eight Tips to Boost Your Memory!
Eight Tips to Boost Your Memory!
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Eight Tips to Boost Your Memory!

You constantly forget the names of your office colleagues, looking for all the time your keys or your glasses? No doubt your memory falters! I will gives you eight tips for shaking your brain!

The memory uses only if it is not used! It is therefore important to make it work and to know its enemies. The following tips can help you improve your ability to remember:


Play scrabble, pinochle, checkers, chess, bridge or any other game logic or strategy. If you can not find a partner, you fold it to magazines, and crosswords.


Bosstez your memory! To maintain your memory, it is certainly necessary to make it work, but there is no need to learn things that no longer serve you for anything. Better try with Life Events everyday. Memorize the phone numbers that you use instead of consulting your notebook. Also try to memorize the shopping list before going to the supermarket for example.


The brain takes advantage of the night to sort and categorize the memories of the day. It is during REM sleep stages that neurons organize the information received during the day. If you miss one of those two or three night stages, consolidation of memories is disrupted.


A healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in brain power, bringing him all the nutrients needed for proper operation. Needless to stress the fish: contrary to popular belief, the beneficial effect of phosphorus on the memory has not been proven.

Do not drink!

Alcohol in large doses may result in a few years to irreversible damage of the neurons. In older alcoholics, was highlighted long-term memory impairments due to brain damage.


If you have the time and inclination, you can try to become an ornithologist, astronomer or amateur mycologist. Training to recognize birds, constellations or fungus, there’s nothing to keep his memory … and impress your friends!


“But where is Ornicar?”, “Napoleon happily ate six fish slam without money”, “Cerberus moaned in hell” … Who has not learned one of those phrases that can store conjunctions, and other variations chemical elements? And if you invent your own mnemonic sentences?


Read’s brain activity par excellence. By doing your neurons, reading maintenance and even improves your performance. You do not know which books to choose? And if you revisit the history of France and the world? Immerse yourself in the great frescoes, historical novels and other evidence. Recalling buried school memories, these readings should also revive your memory for dates and make you unbeatable! You will not forget the date of the Battle of Marignan!

Do not try to learn by heart this page! Start print to follow along as these tips! Shortly, you will have a memory foolproof!

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