ELectronic cigarette is used by students
Students use the electronic cigarette to smoke cannabisStudents use the electronic cigarette to smoke cannabis
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ELectronic cigarette is used by students

Designed for people who want to stop smoking,electronic cigarette  is increasingly used by students to vapoter cannabis rather than nicotine, according to a new study.

Yale University researchers in New Haven (USA) revealed that about a schoolboy in five said they used electronic cigarettes to consume electronic cigarette instead of cannabis.

“This is a relatively new way of smoking marijuana, and is used increasingly by adolescents,” says lead author of the study Meghan E. Morean(electronic cigarette).

Typically, e-cigarette inhale a liquid solution of nicotine, which is in a cartridge in the device. But the liquid can be replaced by cannabis products such as hash oil and dry cannabis.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, anonymously surveyed 3847 students from five different colleges in Connecticut (USA).

A more discreet way of smoking marijuana

Today it is estimated that two million students smoke the e-cigarette.

29.2% of participants polled by the survey testified to having smoked cannabis, and 18.8% reported vapoté electronic cigarette and smoked cannabis at least once. The researchers found that many of the students use electronic cigarette specifically for cannabis. 18.4% of those who often use electronic cigarette testified to be served for this purpose. Among those who used electronic cigarette and smoked cannabis regularly, the rate is even higher, at 26.5%.

Students more likely to associate e-cigarette and cannabis were more often men and younger students.

“The smell of marijuana is less strong when inhaled than when smoked, and the similarity between hash oil and nicotine solution [is a discrete way of smoking marijuana],” adds Dr. Meghan Moran.
The researchers conclude that there is a lack of regulation on e- cigarette, making it easy to use them for purposes other than its usual use.

It is  really helpful and effetive for students  to get  quick from smoking it easily without  any troubles making.

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