Enjoy fitness and health exercise wrestling
Enjoy fitness and health exercise wrestling

Enjoy fitness and health exercise wrestling

Wrestling is a combat sport individual old, is a real test of the resolve and determination and fitness. Learn more in the following:

There is in  this sport a representations for display on television or the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), or World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There is no fraud in the sport of combat old individual, where this exercise is a real test of the resolve and determination and fitness.

There are three styles of wrestling:


Greco Romania

Women’s wrestling

And require all styles of this physical  activity to agility, speed, flexibility, strength and endurance, planning and it help develop these capabilities.

Says Malcolm Morley Malcolm Morley of the British Association Wrestling British Wrestling Association (BWA) – which organizes pratising this sport for  kids to  their journeys, therefore, it is possible to urge them to continue to do so.

He added that sport on the Olympic wrestling style helps to good discipline and self-confidence and access to excellent levels of fitness.

“I want to win.”

She has joined Ben Bellamy Ben Bellamy from the city of Matlock – Matlock to wrestling after watching a wrestling deals in his school.

He said, “I went the next day to my local club and participated in the sport.”

He added, “When I was standing on the carpet of the wrestle. So, not only Alomn myself that did not win,” as I feel satisfied when I win, and even that did not win, I shall have a desire to return to exercise in order to win. ”

Individual Sports Team

Although the wrestling individual sport, but it is practiced in schools and clubs within the teams are formed, which promotes solidarity among the team members.

It is expected that young people who participate in this sport has become with the ability to trust themselves and be valued and develop their analytical skills and adaptive.

Malcolm Morelli says that many practitioners of this activity are  enjoying  it in the eighties and the establishment of the World Championships for veterans annually.

Can practice this activity on the table with a square 12:00 × 12 meters or an area rug 18:00 × 18 o’clock, so are many of the schools or federations of sports halls and centers to observe the space required.

To start practicing the sport, not participants need only comfortable clothes and shoes training. Which then evolve into a custom T-shirts and shoes for wrestling competitions.

Where most of the cost of the T-shirts and shoes are annual membership at the British Society for this activity, and fees to participate in the sports utility charges.

If you want to participate, you can find a wrestling club near you. Contact the club before going the first time, and if you are under 18, ask permission from your parents first.

Dance for fitness

“This sport  has been my life.”

No signs do not appear on the low performance of Olympic wrestler Albert Albert Aspen Aspen whose age exceeds 70 years.

Although Albert has had surgery on his knees and buttocks, and walks with the assistance of a crutch, but he swims in a distance of 20 meters on a regular basis in the swimming pools in his area and is walking in the water a length of up to 30 meters in order to maintain the strength of the legs and the lower part of the back .

Albert says that swimming has achieved the best results, so do not make you feel. Although the swimming sport uphill but good exercise.

Albert seemed to exercise this exercise at the age of 17 years at Bolton Olympic Wrestling.

Where he said “I was very weak at that time.” “But I began to exercise and’re already familiar, as the club by former players players from the Olympic wrestling therefore I had the opportunity that I am training with them.”

Albert has participated in the contest in the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 and four years later in Tokyo.

Although Albert was one of the great wrestlers in England, but he could not defeat wrestlers Eastern bloc who have imposed their control over the sport of wrestling at the time. But he had won a bronze medal in each of the sessions of the British games of 1958, and 1962 and 1966.


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