Erectile dysfunction increases the risk of premature death
The erectile dysfunction increases the risk of premature death

Erectile dysfunction increases the risk of premature death

US scientists recently showed that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are more likely than others to die prematurely, particularly due to cardiovascular disorders.

The erectile dysfunction affects 3 million people in France: experts estimate that besides French of 3 is affected from the age of 40 years. Now, according to a recent study from the University of Mississippi (United States), people who suffer from erectile dysfunction have 70% more likely to die prematurely.

For, according to researchers, erection problems reveal the presence of serious cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, …) that can – for example – lead to a heart attack.

A health problem that should be overlooked
In reaching this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the health status from 1790 US men aged 20-85 years during a whole year (2003 to 2004). In this group, 557 volunteers suffering from erectile dysfunction. Eight years later, 244 people among the 557 volunteers have died: 61 as a result of cardiovascular diseases, after 64 malignancies and 12 due to respiratory problems.

“These findings must still be qualified: in fact, we have not taken into account environmental factors, the researchers, whose work has been published in the specialist journal Journal of Sexual Medicine. Nevertheless, we hope that this study will alert people who suffer from erectile dysfunction: This problem should not be neglected because it can have serious health implications. “This is the right time to take an appointment with the urologist!

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