Everything about dietary supplements
dietary supplements

Everything about dietary supplements


Many dietary supplements are waiting for you. To fight against fatigue, to prepare the skin to summer sun, to help you lose some weight … capsules and preparations are numerous.

Little definition of the dietary supplements:

Europe and France since March 2006, has defined very precisely what was and what could or may not contain a dietary supplement. The definition is very precise, it indicates that dietary supplements are foodstuffs which aims to complete a normal diet and which are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, alone or in combination, marketed as doses. Per dose, all conventional means forms: capsules, lozenges, tablets, ampoules, or sachets.

These dietary supplements can therefore understand many products:

Conventional food or part of food such as a carrot extract.

Nutrients: vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C or calcium.

Plants and preparation plants such as fennel excluding plants whose use is strictly medical.

All the nutritional or physiological purpose products: for proteins, fatty acids, or antioxidants such as trace elements (selenium for example).

In all cases, the products used must not be intended solely for therapeutic use, dietary supplements are not drugs. Especially the doses should not exceed the recommended daily intake.

The composition under the microscope

The radius of dietary supplements components, there are hundreds but some are classics.


Vitamins we are absolutely necessary even if it is very small amounts. And also with the exception of vitamin D, vitamins can not be synthesized by the body and must be present in food or in food supplements! mainly used range of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12), vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as vitamin A and vitamin D. In short the ranks of vitamins all are useful and used in fdietary supplements.

Minerals and trace elements

As for minerals, the selenium and magnesium that have the wind in their sails. One for its huge antioxidant properties and the other for its ability to restore energy and morale. But many are these small molecules used in dietary supplements: calcium, carotene, chromium, copper or iron, to each his place for the beauty of the skin, the strength of your bones or well-being of your joints. Without forgetting the fluorine for the smallest and largest, or zinc for zero default skin.

Proteins, fatty acids and amino acids

Most original, but equally acclaimed, the fatty acid-based compositions such as the famous omega 3 from fish oils or vegetable oils, whose action on mood and heart is no longer demonstrate. Among the amino acids, often referred creatine whose effects are controversial and the use is legal in France recently. But the list of proteins, amino acids and fatty acids is long, the CLA is found there (conjugated linoleic acid) which “dry” muscles by preventing fat set but also all kinds of proteins and fatty acids .

Plants and preparation plants

The list of plants used in food supplements is endless. Just dip into the traditional heritage to discover a thousand and a useful asset to our health. Research on them is very limited, we rely on traditional uses to choose the most suitable. The plant radius, slimming draining the more references: fennel, artichoke, meadowsweet to drain, green tea and guarana to burn calories, or ginger and horseradish to get rid of toxins.

Finally, these products also have ingredients: preservatives, colors, flavors … if by chance you are prone to allergies well to check the list of excipients which must appear on the complement of the box.

The star dietary supplements effects

Dietary supplements are increasingly the result of well thought-associations for a combined and synergistic effect. And if they were content before a simple magnesium combined with vitamin B6, which are now attacking cocktails that contain dozens of allies components for maximum effect. Among them, some actions act as stars.

Antioxidants such as selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E or zinc are definitely good for our health and if we fail to put our plates, so no hesitation to defend against stress oxidative and safeguard its future, dietary supplements that contain it are many.

Thinness side are drying on the one hand and fat burners and  the other calories that have the spotlight. Beware if these supplements consisting of plants draining, amino acids and other vitamins are great slimming aids, they are no substitute for healthy living imperative to the well-being and lasting weight loss.

And to keep your tan long the supplements “tan activators” or “skins preparers” arrive in the spring. We suggest you start well before sun exposure. The main assets of these products are carotenoids (found in carrots, tomatoes …) effective to prepare the skin for a nice tan, they do not replace sun creams, essential to protect against sun damage.

Finally the timeless anti-fatigue cocktails: magnesium royal jelly through ginseng and guarana, which is shown to give a boost when the energy is low.

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