Exercises of the abdomen and buttocks
Exercises ten minutes of the abdomen and buttocks

Exercises of the abdomen and buttocks


Learn a set of exercises that can be performed at home and help you burn fat abdomen, buttocks and strengthen muscles and stretching!

You may find many exercises that may be customized to get rid of belly fat or fat buttocks and may not take a long time to do it was to do at home and at any time. We’ll introduce you to a set of these exercises, which may work to tighten and strengthen these areas as well.

But the beginning and before you start with any workout is worth your attention to the performance of the warm-up exercises for a period of not less than five minutes. As you care to do exercises calm after the completion of performing the exercises.

Exercises for the belly

First Exercise: Exercise stomach clenched

Then lie down on your back

Bend your knees so that the soles of your feet close to your ass

Distanced between your feet while maintaining the previous situation, and so the distance between them is close to the distance between your shoulders

He tried to lift the pelvic area with tightening the abdominal muscles and buttocks until your knees in a straight line with your belly Ketvien The shape of the bridge

I work on a repeat exercise 15 to 20 times and take a break and then re-repetition.

6 of effective abdominal exercises

Exercise II:

Then lie down on your back and knees bent.

Put your hands behind your head

Lift your shoulder tablet from the earth, with the installation of the lower back

Then count slowly to earth

That focused not lift your neck to the top using your hands toward your chest and not be deterred by these false movements may harm you

Repeat the exercise 15-20 times, take a break and then repeated.

Exercises for the buttocks and thighs

First Exercise:

Stand up straight

Then he distanced between a man feet forward and backward with the man when installed on the ground

Bend your knees slightly

Lower yourself until your legs form a right angle like you are on standby to run with the province to make the weight on the ankles

Keep your back straight

Switch between the legs

Repeat exercises 15-20 times.

Exercise II: squat flatten the buttocks and hips

Stand up straight

Distanced between your feet a distance of convergence between your shoulders

Extend your hands straight forward

Bend the knees at right angles

Keep to be Alfajztin Moizitan the land, back straight

Must not to exceed knees beyond the toes distance

Repeat exercises 15-20 times Take a break and then promising the same repetition.

Exercises for the legs.

Stand up straight

Been  hands on a wall or chair

Lift the heels of your feet on the ground slowly

Duck leg farthest from the wall with the right to maintain the same position on the left Alsabakh- any stand on your toes

Switch the man left after the oath lowered to the ground and lift the heel first of status

Possible to carry weights in both hands to increase the challenge and the effectiveness of the exercise

Repeat exercises 15-20 times Take a break and then promising the same repetition.

Exercises aspects

Lie on your back on the straight land

Bend the knees

Lift your feet on the ground

Put your hand right behind your head

Extend your left hand to the outside

Then lift shoulders off the ground while maintaining the stability of your back

Tilt your body toward your feet so that your chest is moving toward the knees and try to touch your left hand right foot

And then go back to earth

Repeat the workout for each side of the 12-24 visits.

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