Eyebrow micropigmentation
Eyebrow micropigmentation: I go or not?
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Eyebrow micropigmentation

Symmetrical eyebrow and a zero line fault: it is possible with the micropigmentation. Zoom on this semi-permanent makeup technique that promises a natural result.

The eyebrow micropigmentation, what is it?

The eyebrow micropigmentation technique is a semi-permanent makeup. Professional injected with a needle in the upper layer of the epidermis, pigment dyes near the natural color of the hair. Several color pigments are typically used to bring nuance to the eyebrow. This helps densify the eyebrows, fill them and create the illusion of a perfect line by creating the hair, where there is none or more. The goal: to have eyebrows symmetrical, zero defect without having to make them up.

What happens during a session ?

Before practicing micropigmentation, professional restructures eyebrow pencil redrawing, the most suitable online at our face. It seeks to enlarge the eyes. Once this stage, the client validates his new line of eyebrows. The trained professional then passes micropigmentation: it injects small color pigments, point by point with a needle, following the new line.

The session lasts about 30 minutes and is not really painful since unlike a tattoo, the needle does not go into depth. Once completed micropigmentation, eyebrows seem dark but it fades after a few days. Depending on the types of skins 20 to 80% of the color can evaporate within 5 days. Hence the need for a touch up session three weeks later.

Of peeling (due to the layer of sensitive skin that reform) can sometimes appear in the days following the session. We pass over, morning and evening, a layer of moisturizer (Cicalfate kind in Avene). The day of the micropigmentation, it does not wet his eyebrows and for a whole week, no bath, sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi. And obviously, no exposure to sunlight either.

Questions to ask before launching

The choice of trying micropigmentation, like any other technique of semi-permanent make-up, is not done lightly.

– Is it really for me? The eyebrow micropigmentation caters for those that do have no or very little. It can also be a good compromise for those who have thick eyebrows but scattered.

– How long does it last ? Theoretically, one can still see traces of micropigmentation two years but it has already faded after six months. It also depends on how we have maintained a retouch every six months, for example, welcome to prolong the effect even longer.

– Can we continue to tweeze her eyebrows? Yes I do. But this task is left to a beautician who will care for our eyebrow tweezers tweezers and not to wax.

– How much does it cost ? A first micropigmentation costs on average € 250. This price includes editing three weeks later, but it must then add the semi-annual maintenance (€ 75 to € 100 on average).


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