Fall-winter 2016 hairstyle trends
Hairstyle :Fall-winter 2016 hairstyle trends
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Fall-winter 2016 hairstyle trends

For fall-winter 2016 hairstyle trends vary between long hair and square.Follow the whole trends in this article to learn more about it.

The hairstyle trend is hair long

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, thick hair or fine hair, the trend haircut of the season will know for sure you emphasize.

The only requirement for the 2016 trend: your hair must be great!

But with all the advice we gave you this summer to see a dream hair, you have no reason to hide your mane!

Two long hair trends stand out for the season:

– Long hair accentuated the gradient, for a light effect and hair in the wind.

– Long hair with a light gradient, to keep a mass of hair 100% glamour.

Result: long haircuts do everything to give movement and highlight your face.

Discover now our selection long battery haircuts hairstyle trend in the autumn-winter 2016.

The second trend for fall-winter 2016: the square of affirmation

Although it is a classic in terms of haircuts, for autumn winter 2016, the bob is proudly offering a decidedly trendy look.

Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, fine hair or voluminous hair, Bob will sublimate your face this winter.

In addition, the square cut has the advantage of being broken down into several hairstyles that suit all styles:

– The plunging square cut

Round faces have finally found their hair style: the square plunging refines and enhances their femininity.

– Cutting wob

This is a fuzzy square seen on all shows. A trend that the natural play and goes us all.

– The Bob retro

This is the big trend of the season! It fits perfectly with wavy hair for a vintage look chewable. The cup is degraded, worked and full of movement.

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