Fast meals affect our health
fast food
fast food

Fast meals affect our health

The consumption of fast meals  can cause changes in behavior and mood.Also,fast meals is unhealthy and danger for our heath,  according to a study by US researchers.

A Fast meals   has been widely associated with weight gain and cardiovascular problems. A study from the University of Louisiana (USA) shows that a fast meals  diet could also cause changes in behavior and depression. A related phenomenon, the researchers said, to the effect of fast food on the intestinal flora.

This work, published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, was conducted on mice. Nonobese adult rodents fed a normal diet received a transplanted microbiota (intestinal flora) in mice with high fast foodor normal diet.

The behavior of mice was then observed. Those who received the flora of mice submitted to the fast food diet showed, in addition to intestinal inflammation signs, many behavioral problems such as anxiety, memory disorders and repetitive behaviors.
fast foodare harmful to the brain.

Conclusion: a fast meals is bad for brain health. Changes to the intestinal bacterial flora is enough to change brain function, even in the absence of obesity.

Results confirm older studies that demonstrated in animals, some bacterial strains increased anxiety behaviors. Louisiana This study could lead to a potential use of the gut microbiome in the treatment of disorders.

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