Feel good program for losing weight
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Feel good program for losing weight

In 2016, Weight Watchers innovates with its new Feel good program: a global approach to the person (diet, physical activity and well-being), which wants more effective to lose weight and stay slim. Focus on changing this method.

Feel good is a  method that  is nowadays the most popular diet in the world. The original idea? Meet peer to allow to lose weight more easily, exchanging tips and recipes and to motivate each other. For fifty years, the philosophy has not changed – once and for all adopt a balanced diet in order to keep permanently online – and meetings of the method remains the keystone. Nevertheless, says Gary Foster, scientific director of Weight Watchers, “the program has evolved, based on scientific knowledge, new lifestyles and expectations of people who want to lose weight”.

Weight Watchers slimming online

feel-good-weight-watchers_medium In the 1990s, Weight Watchers offers a tracking correspondence to people who do not have time to attend meetings. Soon after, the method adapts to technological advances with the creation of a website, making it possible to follow the program online. Nowadays, there is also an application for smartphones.

At any time, you can connect to find menu ideas, balanced recipes, support video and record in the logbook weight, meals and physical activities of the day. Internet also allows to exchange with the Weight Watchers community via the forums or social networks.

During registration, various options are available, “Online” for tracking online only or “PassLib” which includes online services and unlimited access to the meetings. A study published in 2013 suggests that the simultaneous use of three tools (meetings, website and application), gives the best results in terms of weight loss: less than 9 kilos in six months, instead of 4 kilos with a single outil1 .

A dietary rehabilitation at the center of Weight Watchers

Classic hypocaloric diet, Weight Watchers has evolved over the years in real balanced diet. No more unrealistic weight goals and the rat race to slimming: each member advances step by step and pace. No food is forbidden, simplifying meals with family or friends.


Examples of menus offered are suitable for all family members, even that everyone fits the proportions enrich himself and preparations (for example, more butter or grated cheese to the pasta dishes teenagers).

A study published in 2011 in the Lancet, conducted on 770 volunteers recruited in Australia, Germany and the UK, compared the Weight Watchers program at individual monitoring by a physician with discount councils. Not surprisingly, the Weight Watchers program, whose tools motivate daily, proved more efficient in 1 year with an average loss of 7 kg

The inclusion of physical activity in the Weight Watchers approach

Scientists agree: physical activity is essential, if only to lose weight at least to stabilize the weight reached after a diet. But also, as recalled Gary Foster, “to protect against diseases associated with overweight, diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers …”. To work his muscles also helps to firm the silhouette, fight against stress and better sleep – sleep deprivation promotes weight gain

Initially based on dietary advice, Weight Watchers recently takes this dimension into account, offering tips on how to get back to sports and numerous exercise videos. Proponents of new technologies can motivate their application by synchronizing with a connected Weight Watchers bracelet or another application (such as Apple health) that records physical activity: number of steps, distance, heart rate …

2016: the global approach Feel good

From 1 January 2016, Weight Watchers has a new look, incorporating a new dimension: personal fulfillment. “Several recent scientific publications show that the more a person is engaged in activities that improve their mental well-being, the more it makes good choices for their health,” says Gary Foster. Clearly, the better you feel in your head, the more you want to eat healthily and enjoy physical exercise: a real virtuous circle. “In addition to weight loss, our subscribers have other desires, adds the Scientific Director of the program. They want to enjoy their reflection in the mirror, feel more toned, have more energy.”

Feel good, therefore has three components:

A new nutritionist  approach encouraging healthier food choices.

Each food has a corresponding number of SmartPoints (which made the reputation of Weight Watchers plan): This number is zero for fruits and vegetables, low for a food rich in protein and satiating, high for a product rich in sugars or fats saturated (nutrients that it is advisable to moderate to stay healthy). “As there is a daily SmartPoints quota to meet, you are encouraged to eat healthier,” says Gary Foster.

Personalized support to move towards more physical activity.

A questionnaire to be completed early in the program can take stock of the physical condition and the time available to move. From there is provided a program that includes daily activities, walking and adapted exercises. “For France, Weight Watchers has used the expertise of the French Federation of Sports for All, the coaches will train facilitators meetings,” explains the scientific director of the program.


Techniques and tips to flourish.

Subscribers will discover tests to know each other better, simple relaxation exercises, tips to relieve stress or take time for yourself despite a busy schedule … Everything has been developed with the help of Sioux Berger, coach specializing in wellness. “The aim is to regain self-esteem regardless of the number of excess kilos and an overall feeling of well-being.”

“Feel good has been tested in preview with a few French subscribers. The program has been well received from the moment that the changes to be made can be done step by step,” concludes Gary Foster. The program will then be evaluated by the whole community and Weight Watchers will still be required to evolve … Stay tuned!

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