Female is more exposed to violence
Female is more exposed to violence

Female is more exposed to violence

The Health Minister announced the implementation of several measures to better prepare health professionals to support female victims of violence.

In France, every three days a woman dies at the hands of her partner. This terrible toll, called to mark the International Day against violence against woman this November 25, highlights the need for more support for these victims. This is why the Health Minister Marisol Touraine announced the implementation of concrete measures to improve the care of woman  victims of violence, including through training of health professionals.

Referents in each emergency service

Better train doctors to recognize, support and mentor female victims of violence is a priority because they are often their first point of contact: 25% of female victims of rape or attempted rape, and 23% of those who have experienced physical domestic violence or sexual turn to a doctor as a result of these actions, according to the Ministry of Health. Marisol Touraine therefore asked the institutions with an emergency department to appoint a referent “violence against female” among physicians of the emergency service, ambulance or MUG. This referent “will be responsible for personal awareness of these services and to identify useful partners in the management of violence” and will receive special training in the first half of 2016. “With the appointment of referents in emergencies, we change of scale: we say to female victims of violence that they visit their doctor or the hospital they will find a trained professional who will support and help to find solutions, “said Minister the health.

Kits for training professionals

In parallel, several training kits are supplied to healthcare professionals to help them accompany and reassure female victims of aggresiveness. The “Anna” kit encourages doctors to question and interact with female and “Elisa” kit, designed for midwives, looks at sexual assault during pregnancy, a critical period for the establishment of aggresiveness in the couple. These tools have already helped raise awareness of over 200,000 professionals. The new kit “Orientation abused female”, developed by the Centre Hubertine Auclert, resource center for gender equality, will be distributed to 10,000 health professionals in Île-de-France.


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