Feng Shui will change your life!
Feng Shui will change your life!

Feng Shui will change your life!

Feng Shui is an ancient discipline centuries. It aims to optimize the flow of energy, Chi, for the development of the environment.

The improvement must increase the quality of life of residents of the home or office occupants. So, ¬†to stop ¬†stress, get to Feng Shui …

Feng Shui is based different Chinese theories. It is notably based on the presence of two opposing forces, the Yin and Yang. Thus, these two principles coexist in nature and are the cause of the vital energy that surrounds us and is in us. Just as acupuncture or tai chi that improve the flow of energy in our body, Feng Shui aims to facilitate this movement in our environment.

Arrange your home

It is theoretically necessary to furnish your apartment or house to facilitate the flow of Chi. But the rules of Feng Shui are quite complex. This is why some companies and even individuals make use of specialists. However, each of us can, from some basic data, making its habitat in agreement with the principles of Feng Shui.

Living room

The living room should have two doors, one near the entrance and the other giving more directly to other rooms, to allow the flow of Chi. No living room chair should turn their backs on doors or fireplace, always for the same reason. A square table or round especially will be preferable to a rectangular or oval table. We can install a TV, provided to his left a green plant to eliminate the negative waves. Avoid mezzanines, which prevents proper flow of energy.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, do not the worktop face you turn your back to the door. The range must be removed from the sink and fridge (the fire should not rub the water …).

The bathroom

The bathroom is a room that exudes a lot of energy. To promote the flow of Chi, so it should be as far from the entrance of the house or apartment as possible. It should not be at the end of a corridor.


The bed should not be positioned directly opposite the door. But it is necessary that it is visible from the bedside. Do not electrical installations above the sleeper, no TV or his face electronic device. There should be no green plants and aquarium in the room (fish stimulate the Chi, and will prevent a restful sleep). The bed should not be reflected in a mirror, not to send negative waves evacuated by the body during sleep. It is better to have no window on the wall opposite the door to prevent the Chi disappears too quickly.

In the office

Always install the plants in your office. These act on the energy flow and promote initiatives and entrepreneurship.

If you have the option, avoid open space, which promote stress. Place your chair back against the wall. Avoid putting your desk in front of that of a colleague voltage source. Prefer stagger.

Even if you do not believe in the virtues of Feng Shui, please follow these precepts. Because these tips often come from simple common sense.

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