Fewer pesticides on your plate!
Pesticides:Fewer pesticides on your plate!

Fewer pesticides on your plate!

France is the first European user of pesticides country. Fortunately, certain gestures are used to divide by ten their concentration in food! Tips from Dr. F. Saldmann specializing in food hygiene.

At the time of purchase

Pesticides that have no taste, no smell or color, there is no way to detect them. Producers must meet a deadline well between the last pesticide application and harvest, but this is not enough to eliminate any. Also, sometimes found traces of banned pesticides since 2003: some unscrupulous farmers do not hesitate to sell old stock!

What are we doing ? A plant protection product such as pesticides not being dangerous if it builds up in the body, the risk is less if you eat varied. But if you consume a large quantity food – apples, for example – distrust: an apple tree receives 27 chemical treatments per year, instead of buying organic apples. Food from organic agriculture have the lowest pesticide levels (just traces).

If they are not completely free, it is that, after treatment of a field, about a quarter of sprayed pesticides is found in rainwater may be discharged for kilometers. In addition, the specifications of an organic farmer is not the same as it is French or outside the EEC, the former being more controlled. Caution finally to the presence of mold on organic fruit and vegetables also are considered carcinogenic and therefore unfit for consumption.

In the skin of fruit and vegetables

Pesticide residues are regularly found in fruits and vegetables, and more than a quarter of them contain residues from February to August different pesticides!

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