Five keys to get to running easily

Five keys to get to running easily

The running is trendy but mostly it lets off steam and it’s great for the figure. 5 Tips of running  to make it sustainable.

1 – Training   plan

Make a training schedule can get to running gradually. No way out of a coup by saying “I run 45 minutes.” You have to go training gradually. And if we run with the girls, we start all agree on the objectives to be met.

Beginners or intermediate level? 2 sessions per week maximum, for 30 min each time. And alternating rhythms: one has the right and it is even advisable to alternate running and walking active foot. For a first outing for example, we will take it easy 3 minute run, 3 minutes walk to active foot, 3 minutes of walking and cool it again 3 times.

2 – I run on soft ground

To ease the stress and reduce the risk of injury, better choose his land, preferably flexible (earthen aisles of a timber or a large urban park). More damping bitumen and less violent as a shock on the joints.

3 – I take good stuff from running

In absolute terms, one can go out with old T-shirt, shorts and converse but we do not facilitate the task. Hence the importance of choosing clothes and running shoes adapted to the efforts required. Essential: the bra to protect the breast shaking and running shoes, choose quality and in a sports shop where the seller can advise on the most suitable model for the shape of the foot and the way we place his stride (ie: how one puts his foot on the ground). Namely: we always take a size above the size of dress shoes to be comfortable for the foot swells with effort

4 – I evaluate my performance

To go the distance and do not get tired, you often have to start mini-challenges. To compare performance, we invest in a heart rate monitor or running of app is downloaded (as Endomondo) that counts the number of kilometers made, calories burned …

5 – I concentrate on my breath

It is not a question of counting his steps. One can even listen to music. But if you group short avoids chat throughout the session. Of course this means that one is in his rhytme (it is not out of breath since we’re talking) but if it lasts too long, it may breathe less deeply and risk the side stitch.

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