Five tips to avoid food bacteria
Bacteria:5 tips to avoid food bacteria

Five tips to avoid food bacteria

In recent years, the food world sees upset by food bacteria, making for some considerable damage. Some tips to avoid bacteria.

Avoid eating bacteria, manual:

The first (and certainly most important) advice: avoid breaking up the cold chain! Indeed temperature differences favor the multiplication of bacteria also must not exceed 4 ° for optimal packaging of your food. Beyond four hours outside a cool area, your food will definitely contaminated.

Our second council in the summer, regularly check the thermostat of your refrigerator and freezer so that they do not disrupt and operate in optimum conditions for your food.

Third Council of writing: before handling a commodity, wash your hands properly with soap and prevent Fido or Mistigri to approach your work plan. The animals are carriers of bacteria, also ideally forbid them access to the kitchen.

Fourth tip: Avoid eating raw; If you have the habit of eating regular sushi, sashimi or steak tartare and fish, reduce the look! Make sure their ‘good’ from and enjoy in if you are sure of their origin and their conditions of transport and storage.

Fifth advice: Eat your meat and fish bought, quickly. When buying meat or fresh fish, it is recommended to cook and eat within 24 hours of purchase. If you are unable to do so within that time, freeze them at least 24 hours.

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