Flaxseed ,a new youth beauty radius
Flaxseed ,a new youth beauty radius
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Flaxseed ,a new youth beauty radius

Buried in the heart of the seeds and flowers, the assets of this beautiful Flaxseed now feed thirsty skin. And not just because the hair also can enjoy!

When we think of Flaxseed is thought to fabric … No wonder, because since ancient Egypt, these fibers are used to make clothes. In the Bible, even found many references to this subject. At the end of the nineteenth century, cotton made its appearance … and dethrones linen. But this small blue flower has many other utilities. With the seeds of fruit, flour used is manufactured in pharmacies to make poultices. We also extracted an oil which, among others, to protect and enhance the wood.

In cosmetics, found mainly flaxseed extracts in softeners care, moisturizers, tonics, selected for its film-forming properties. Thus, “the Flaxseed flower, which, however, has no particular flavor, is often present in shower gels, to provide a deposit of sweetness to products”, analyzes Bernard Fabre, phytochimiste, head of the laboratory of plant products for Klorane.

In winter, an anti-tugging solution

Flaxseed are rich in polysaccharides (complex sugars) which have the characteristic of retaining water in the skin and in mucilage, a little thick molecules that remain on the surface to plug the breaches in the epidermis. The oil extracted from the seeds polymerizes on contact with air.

“The oil hardens and forms a surface protective film,” says Bernard Fabre. This layer covers the holes of the weakened stratum corneum, which regains its impermeability and thus slows the dehydration. “It leaves a silky envelope with a particularly soft and pleasant on the skin,” says the specialist. By reconstructing the moisture barrier, linen soothes the same time the feelings of irritation and discomfort. Emollient, it relaxes the tissues and relieves tightness due to inflammation.

Firmer, less laxity

Flaxseed  gives the face over density, “fleshy”. It stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, including hyaluronic acid. These essential macromolecules retain water in the different layers of the skin, like a sponge. Thanks to them, the mattress support is like re-inflated and elasticity is improved. Flaxseed also forms a protective film around the collagen, which protects it from oxidation and any degradation. It thus delays due to sagging skin tissue aging.
Hair that reflected their pride

Redensifiantes These properties are not reserved for the face, for flax helps to flesh too fine hair. Since “Flaxseed  mucilage are valuable to thicken and also gainer hair,” adds Bernard Fabre. In fact, they surround the hair fiber to increase its diameter. And as they become rigid, they bring the holding and scale the hair, much like a tutor. Less tow, the hair is easier to style and regains its luster.

Benefits also for health

If this plant has many virtues in local application, it is also very interesting when taken orally.  Flaxseed ais  rich in omega-3, especially alpha-linolenic acid. This essential fatty acid is not produced by the body. However, it strengthens the skin barrier and contributes to good skin hydration. It also has an effect on depression and improves morale. Finally, the hygroscopic qualities of flax aid digestion and relieve constipation episodes. That is why it also lends slimming properties.

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