Foods is a great stimulation for memory
Memory foods stimulation

Foods is a great stimulation for memory

There is no job that our memory  works hard. On the beach, in front of a grid of crossword puzzles, or friends in a game of Scrabble, neurons must provide. We are given some tips to boost your memory.

1- To stimulate memory

What we eat greatly influences the memorization process. Also, for games that require a good memory, or like crossword crosswords, priority or complex carbohydrates. They provide energy to the brain without sudden influx, gentle manner, and for a longer period of time. On the menu: whole grains (bread, rice, pasta …) and pulses (beans, lentils …).

2- To wake reflexes

For games reflexes and alertness, other nutrients are involved. Vitamin C, for example, acts as a stimulant, and magnesium promotes the passage of nerve impulses between neurons. It aids brain function and reduces stress peaks. On the menu: raw fruits and vegetables for vitamin C and some dried fruit (raisins, dates …) or seeds (pistachios, pine nuts …) for magnesium.

3- To beef up the concentration

The brain also needs proteins. Their amino acid, such as tryptophan, manufacture neurotransmitters such as serotonin, essential for memory. Their soothing and relaxing effect favors the concentration required for a game of chess, Scrabble or other cerebral endurance Thurs. As for B vitamins, they limit nervous disorders and facilitate the flow of information between brain cells. On the menu: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and whole grains.

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