Foundation makeup for your skin
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Foundation makeup for your skin

We provide you with these set of foundation  makeup since women get confused about  which  foundation makeup should use in their daily life.
How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have dry skin:

Choose your  foundation makeup: Your skin feels tight, lack of flexibility and softness. Sometimes it can become dull and blush.

You melt for: a foundation makeup  with a creamy and moisturizing texture that helps your skin to protect its already fragile skin barrier. Ideally smooth or creamy texture, which gives your skin a real comfort without drying and without freezing your features. In addition, dry skin do not reflect much light, so to thwart the effect of naturally dull your skin, choose a foundation makeup with light-reflecting pigments.

Avoid: Mineral powders and foundations makeup  that contain talc as they dry out skin blemishes and marks.

How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have combination skin:

Your skin type: you have brightnesses at the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) while the cheeks and out of your face tug. You often have imperfections in the T-zone because of excess oil that can clog your pores.

You base: a base foundation makeup  that limits excess sebum like a fluid powder-coated, matt perfect for the T-zone without drying the entire face. Combination skin requires delicate formulas, so it’s important to choose a non-comedogenic foundation to avoid imperfections.

Avoid: Mineral dyed funds that reflect light and shine oily skin like fireflies or too compact textures that chokes the pores and generate irregularities on the skin.

How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have oily skin:

Your skin type: your skin tends to shine, especially on the T-zone Your complexion has a gray and your pores are dilated.

You base: a background complexion matifies the entire face and allows the skin to breathe while regulating sebum … The mineral powder is ideal because it neutralizes oily effect by absorbing excess oil. The complexion meanwhile is uniform, without regard to effect. For a covering makeup, opt for an application rather than sponge brush.

Avoid: The cream textures (fluid or compact) too rich for your skin because they contain moisturizers.

How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have sensitive skin:

Your skin type: Your sensitive skin reacts to the slightest external aggression. You also have redness and dry skin marks.

You melt for: a foundation makeup  charged with moisturizing ingredients that strengthen your weakened skin barrier. A sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) is also necessary because UVA penetrates your dermis causing reddening and, in extreme cases of rosacea. Compact cream foundation perfect answer to your problems. Very moisturizing, it also allows for a customized makeup to cover your needs your redness.

Avoid: Mineral powders that dry skin weakened and mark defects on dehydrated skin.

How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have acne-prone skin:

Your skin type: Your skin has an oily T-zone on, and many imperfections.

You base: a foundation makeup  containing antibacterial agents to limit the emergence of new buttons and exfoliating agents to release the pores and regulate sebum. For a truly ad ‘hoc formula, choose a product that has soothing properties. A fluid or mattifying mineral powder are great because they regulate sebum and veloutent complexion. However, with the powder, prefer a brush application, which allows to modulate the coverage, and finishes, camouflage your skin defects using a sponge and tapping the critical area.

Avoid: The foundation makeup too rich for your skin oily assets. But above all, to forget to apply your day cream in charge of regulating sebum, before applying your foundation.

Here is a video that will show the best foundation makeup,Enjoy it !

How to choose a foundation makeup  if you have mature skin:

Your skin type: dry skin signs, lack of elasticity and firmness are characteristics of your skin. You have small brown spots.

You base: a foundation makeup  specifically designed for mature skin because they contain moisturizing ingredients that meet the specific needs of your skin. In anti-aging ranges, two types of foundation exist: lifting if your wrinkles are deep, they extend it because the skin, smoothing, or if they are lighter because they create a smoothing effect thanks to light-reflecting pigments. For texture, always prefer a cream or a fluid that bring more comfort to your skin.

Avoid: The powdery texture and talc-based foundation makeup  that mark the signs of aging.

How to choose a foundation if you have a black skin:

Your skin type: Your skin is black Métis. It is oily at the T zone and dullness.

You base: A foundation makeup  that controls shine without drying the T-zone the rest of the face, and brings shine. The ideal is a mattifying fluid, which helps regulate sebum, combined with illuminating base that contains light-reflecting pigments to awaken your skin.

Avoid: The foundations to too rich formulas.

How to choose the color of your foundation makeup ?

Finding the right foundation color is an important step that choosing the form or texture of the product. According Rodolph Bories, Director of Training and Scientific Communication at Clinique France “for a second skin, the shade of foundation makeup  should be as close as possible to the natural color of the skin”.
To find the right shade, Virginia River, professional makeup artist with Make Up For Ever recommends “to try three shades on the face, in the jaw, not on the hand, and opt for the shade that is closest your skin tone. ”
There are four major families of colors, beige, golden, the rosé and orange. Before choosing your shade, it is essential to know which category you belong to in order to find the most appropriate shade.

Beige are neutral, they are suitable for European and some Asian skins skins. However, if redness, bet on a green or yellow base applied under foundation.
The gold: They are adapted to the Mediterranean skins, to those who are used to sunbathe and some Asian skin.
Rosé: They are suitable for very light skin.
Oranges: They are designed for ethnic skin mestizo black.

Tips  that will make a difference:

Once the foundation selected, the secret to a perfect complexion is the application of it. For Virginie Rivière, professional makeup artist, “the first step is to remove the foundation on the back of the hand to warm it before applying it with a brush.

” This way you can easily apply your material, stretching up from the inside (the bridge of the nose) to the outside (cheeks) for a very natural. In addition, for a foundation and a uniform look, remember to file a button on the eyelids and around the eyes. Finally, for a perfect finish, our expert advises you to powder your complexion if it is not already a texture powder, to fix the matter and matte your skin: skin effect of fishing guaranteed!

Alternatives to foundation

If you are not convinced by the foundation, rest assured, there are alternatives that offer you a velvety skin and a radiant complexion.

BB creams: They are close to the foundation but thanks to their shock formulas, they save you time. Moisturizing, protective, soothing and opaque, they wear make up your skin but they mainly take care of it through their many assets that vary depending on the brand. Note, for sensitive skin, their real advantage over a foundation lies in their sunscreen, SPF 15 minimum. Finally, with their multiple actions, it is a good alternative for those who do not like to waste time in the bathroom.
Complexion Illuminators: Their formula is very slight, therefore, they do not provide true coverage. They are not recommended to those who wish to hide their faults but they are perfect for those seeking to bring sparkle to their complexion. Very rich in light-reflecting pigments, they sublimate skins without imperfections but a little dull.

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