Frizz is a dry hair signs
Frizz is a dry hair signs
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Frizz is a dry hair signs

Small loops when it’s hot when it’s cold, when it is wet, the next day frizz shampoos … The enemies are sculpted hairstyles. To smooth out the best way is to heal! For these rebellious curls reflected primarily dry hair.

The hair that curl without reason and frizz are a signs of dehydration of the hair fiber. Just as the air is a little wet so that water from the atmosphere clings to the hair cuticle, over and gives these curls.

Frizz, an inconvenience which is not restricted to straight hair

Frizz are lights on smooth hair, but they also relate to and even more people with curly hair. And yes, curly hair is naturally drier and therefore more prone to frizz disorganized.

In response, the best way is to adopt a basic treatment, that is to say, care creams, mild shampoos, serum… Because emergency care such brushings, plates heating and other aggressive brushings are just dry out the hair even more.

Frizz: gestures in favor

Select 2 in 1 shampoo with a moisturizing active or caregiver for quick washes.

Once or twice a week use shampoo assets “relaxers” and apply a moisturizer right after on the tips, and rinse thoroughly.

Oils or serum “Frizz” on dry hair are very effective to protect the hair against the elements. A however, use sparingly to avoid having to wash his hair every day, because they are a little fat.

On rainy days, choose a hairstyle smoothed ponytail or bun kind … to avoid thinking about her curls all day.

Avoid not to cause bad loops

The use of styling gels and waxes may weigh down the hair while drying the advantage … avoided.

Do not dry the hair head down, rubbing the tips of the fingers. The locks will be even less tamable.

The more you use the hob or blow drying, the more aggravated the problem at the root. It is a fold-up once a week, maximum wide!

If impromptu loop, do not try to smooth it out with your fingers all day. This gesture dry the wick even more. A small bar to release it under the ear … and is quiet all day.

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