Frizzy hair care
Taking care of frizzy hair
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Frizzy hair care

Frizzy hair require maximum attention and care. Frizzy, curly, curly, braided and even relaxed. It is important to maintain the afros for the hair remains beautiful.

We often talk about frizzy hair, but according to oreal Research, there are 8 Afro-Caribbean hair well-defined categories.
We discover the specifics of these African and frizzy hair and the care appropriate to their nature and needs.

– The curly  hair: they are characterized by more or less tight spirals. Curly hair is rather dry, they can easily and quickly frizz seem dull.

Care they require hydration and an average nutrition. Washed with a moisturizing shampoo every 3 days, followed by a moisturizing conditioner and a leave-. 1 once a month, curly afro hair should receive an oil bath followed by a shampoo and a repair treatment with a mask to rinse. Care is taken not to over-nourish the hair which may become dull and heavy.


– Afro curly and very curly hair: they are characterized by closed loops and tight shaped corkscrew. They are dry and have less protective scales, which makes them fragile.

The care they need intense nutrition and good hydration. Every 3 days, washed with a nourishing shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment. 2 times per month, it lavishes these afro hair oil bath is allowed to ask a night.

– The hair frizzy and very frizzy afro They are characterized by shaped loops Z. Little is known but the frizzy hair is the finest in the world, but especially the driest. So dry they are brittle. Frizzy hair is very porous, water penetrates easily but also escapes very quickly.

Care: They need significant lengths nutrition and care for the scalp. Every 3 days, her frizzy hair with a nourishing shampoo washed, a conditioner and a healing oil. Between 2 shampoos, the hair is nourished by washing them with a condition. Each night, are wound in vanilla oil. In lifted, apply some nourishing oil drops on her frizzy hair.

– Afro relaxed hair: structure of relaxed hair has been changed from within by a chemical action. Either reversibly for smoothing thiol (Japanese, Korean, Brazilian …) or irreversibly to an alkaline smoothing.

The care they need nutrition but especially repair. 1-2 times a week, washed with a refreshing shampoo, nourishing mask and put oil on the lengths. Every day, apply a repairing lotion. Finally, these Afro hair needs a specific cure to care for 2 nights a week we apply a cream on the hair to regenerate.


– Afro hair braided and woven: real hair protection, weaving consists of natural or synthetic hair strands that can sew on braided hair. But if too tight braids deteriorate in the long Afro hair.

The care they need products suitable for treating the scalp. 1 times a week, and the shampooed oil is applied to the roots. Every day, apply a lotion to the scalp and fortifying care of facial contours. One can also apply a spray feeding at all times of the day

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