Fruits and vegetables are healthful
Fruits and vegetables are seeing life in pink
Fruits and vegetables are seeing life in pink

Fruits and vegetables are healthful

People who eat more fruits and vegetables claim to happier and more optimistic than the others, in a study of nearly 14,000 people.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables could be as beneficial to the mental and physical health. This is what suggests a recherchede Warwick University (UK) published in BMJ Open.

Mental well-being is more than the absence of mental illness or psychiatric disorder. It includes aspects such as: optimism, happiness, self-esteem, tenacity and good relations with others. Power, as other factors may play a role in the mental well-being.

In this article, the researchers studied the key behaviors related to mental well-being in the English population. They used data from the Health Survey for England study. Participants were 13 983 people over 16 years, 56% women.

Results: With smoking, the most risk factor associated with the mental well-being -good or bad in both sexes- was the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Among those who had a high level of mental wellbeing, 33.5% were eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, 31.4% ate 3 or 4 portions, 28.4% and only 1 or 2 6.8 % less than one serving. For Saverio Stranges, lead author of the study, “the data suggest that more intake of fruits and vegetables are high of an individual, the less likely to have low mental wellbeing. ”

However, it was not found as strong association between mental wellbeing and BMI and alcohol consumption.

In another study author, Sarah Stewart-Brown, “It became very important that we begin to look for the factors that allow people to maintain a state of well-being. Our results add to the growing evidence that intakes of fruits and vegetables could be one of these factors mean that people could support their mental well-being at the same time they prevent heart disease or cancer. “

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