Fruits and vegetables give beautiful skin
Fruits and vegetables give beautiful skin
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Fruits and vegetables give beautiful skin

Eating two additional servings of fruits and vegetables a day is enough to give you beautiful skin and make you more attractive.

Eating fruits and vegetables is good for health. Yes but for some people it’s not very motivating, the prospect of long-term prevention is difficult to conceive.

Researchers at the University of Saint Andrews in England have decided to see if there was a visible impact quickly with increasing consumption of plants, which could become a short-term motivator to eat better.

The researchers followed 35 students for 6 weeks when they noticed what they had eaten. They also measured the color of their skin throughout the experiment.

After six weeks, some of the participants had decreased their consumption of fruits and vegetables and another had increased. The researchers have found that a small increase in the consumption .

Improving the complexion of the skin after 6 weeks. Conversely, those who decreased their consumption saw their skin color fade and become less attractive.

The director of the study, Ross Whitehead, is surprised at how quickly the results and says. “People who eat more fruits and vegetables have a skin complexion with a ‘golden’ which gives a more healthy and attractive appearance Our last study shows that even small improvements in food produce visible benefits on the skin. ” and his colleague adds: “Although skin color varies significantly across regions, we found similar results in diffĂ©renets cultures: for Europeans and Asians, good nutrition improves the appearance of the skin .”

So,i advice to use fruits as well as vegetables to get the most wonderful skin ever.

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