Fruity Lexia has a great effect on skin
Fruity Lexia
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Fruity Lexia has a great effect on skin

Fruity Lexia restores radiance to the skin, refreshes and hydrates rapidly. In addition, its tangy and sweet flavor is more pleasant! It retains three weeks in the refrigerator.

You need these ingredients:

50 g orange blossom hydrosol
45 g of lemon hydrolat
5 g of glycerol


Pour hydrolats successively both in a small spray bottle.
Then stir glycerine.
Cap the bottle.
Shake it vigorously. It’s ready !

Focus on ingredients

The orange blossom hydrosol with its slightly sweet floral scent and very greedy, Fruity Lexia refreshes and soothes the skin. Especially regenerating,  and Fruity Lexia  invigorates and restores luminosity to dull complexions.

Citric hydrolat

He subtly perfumed by providing vitamin rating, aromatic and fresh. Tonic and astringent, it also helps tighten pores skin by regulating sebum production. Finally, it evens skin tone.Also, Fruity Lexia prevents the appearance of blemishes and adds luster to the skin.


Humectant and moisturizer are attract and capture water to maintain adequate hydration in the skin. It is also a softening active.

How to use

Spray this treatment, morning and evening, on a perfectly clean skin on the face and neck. Bursting in softening and moisturizing active ingredients, this mist restores radiance to your skin. It acts as a tonic both energizing, purifying and soothing.
Apply it also on the whole of your body, if you enjoy its fresh and enchanting scent.

Employment Caution

Use as much as possible for raw materials from organic farming.
Observe strict hygiene during manufacture. Do not forget to clean and disinfect your hands, utensils and containers you use and the work plan.
Perform a skin test by applying a small amount of product in the elbow or wrist. No reaction after 48 hours? You can enjoy it!

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