Get rid of fat knees
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Get rid of fat knees

Many women are suffering  by their  fat knees because they are full of fats and  too big which it will make them feel uncomfortable when they want to wear a skirt or a dress for a party.

It happens that some complain about their knees round too as they have thin legs.

How can we grow knees? This area may swell when fatty deposits settles. “It’s a matter of morphology explains Alexandra Stoll, sports coach in Paris. Some store the thighs, for others it will be the belly for another lap.”

Where is that from ?

The fat at the knees can have several causes: heredity, poor diet, lack of physical activity or the cellulite stored on the lower quadriceps related to water retention and / or poor circulation .

The right exercises to get rid of fat knees

It must target the thighs and around the knees muscles (quadriceps on the front of the thigh, hamstring on the back of the thighs, calves, adductors and within thighs) with some muscle building exercises will tone the thighs and melt fat at the point of the knees.

If you suffer from joint knee problems, consult your doctor before you begin these exercises.

Exercise slots

Stand with feet hip width apart, hands on the waist, move the right foot so that the right knee forms a 90-degree angle and then down the left leg on the exhale and reassemble exhaling. We do 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

It always keeps it straight bust, chest high and shoulders down. It maintains the abs tight to protect his back.


Standing shoulder width apart legs, feet are turned slightly outward. To perform squats, bend your legs by pushing your butt backwards, as if you wanted to sit in the back slightly bent forward slightly.
Be careful not to arch your back. Keep abs tight and shoulders down during exercise. Do not get too low at first, then increase the amplitude with the drive.

Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

The chair against the wall

Back to the wall, feet slightly forward, go down to 45 degrees. Hold for 15 seconds then walk for 10 seconds to release the legs. Repeat position with series of 10 seconds. Make several sets if possible by increasing the resistance term.

You can also perform strength training in the water to promote internal drainage by stimulating blood and lymph circulation. Think of scissors movements, pedaling or beats in water. Working with mini palms is also a good card to play.


The rolling massage performed by a professional ideally efficiently attack cellulite. Take care of your knees once or twice a month to see results quickly.

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