Glycemic index with morning meal
glycemic index
glycemic index

Glycemic index with morning meal

A breakfast with a low glycemic index would be best for the adolescent brain a breakfast with high glycemic index or no breakfast.

What you serve at breakfast (and other meals) your child can affect his attention and alertness in class, understanding of current and likely his grades. This is the conclusion of a British study just look at teenagers the effects on cognitive function of a breakfast with high glycemic index, a breakfast with a low glycemic index and lack of small lunch.

The glycemic index (GI) is a value attached to carbohydrate foods (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugars, jams, fruit …) from which to choose those who raise less ample blood sugar when consumed .

52 adolescents aged 12-14 years were recruited to participate in the study. They received one of two breakfasts, or have not eaten breakfast at all, then were subjected to a battery of tests to assess cognitive functions 30 and 120 minutes later.

The results show that after a low-GI breakfast, reaction times and accuracy of the answers are improved compared to the high GI breakfast and no breakfast.

Teens who consumed the low GI breakfast also had a blood sugar level after less than with breakfast in high GI meal. In fact, a low GI breakfast prevents excessive spikes in blood sugar level, which then result in a drop in blood sugar, which causes deterioration of cognitive function.

The researchers conclude that the low GI breakfast is the most beneficial for cognitive function in adolescents, in comparison with a high GI breakfast or no breakfast. In addition, this type of diet helps to prevent overweight.

Many traditional breakfasts in France have high GI. Here are some examples from the book “The New Regime GI”.

Some foods that make a high GI breakfast
Corn flakes.
Grain wheat or puffed rice.
White bread or white bread.
Dates, watermelon.
Some foods for a low GI breakfast
Oatmeal or muesli.
Egg shell or flat.
Ham or turkey breast.
A bit of bread cereals, wholemeal.
A cheese portion.
Square chocolate.
Apple, berries.
Walnuts, almonds.



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