Green clay for your skin and hair
Green Clay for the Skin
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Green clay for your skin and hair

Purifying, healing and regenerating (among others), green clay has many properties due to the minerals and trace elements it contains.

What is green clay?


Used by Egyptian, Greek, Roman, but also Chinese civilizations, green clay is a soft rock with a lot of properties. Containing numerous minerals and trace elements, it is at the same time absorbing, purifying, antiseptic, healing, remineralizing and softening.

There are different types of clays, differentiated by their color (see also our articles: white clay and red clay). This varies according to the iron oxides present in the clay. Composed of aluminum silicate, green clay is the most absorbent. It is also the most commonly used.

Green clay for your skin and hair


It  is renowned for its healing properties, treating inflammation, wounds and sprains. In internal treatment, it is beneficial for gastrointestinal pathologies. The green clay is also the ally of your beauty, and particularly of the skin and the hair, since it regulates the excess of sebum.

Benefits of Green Clay for Hair


As with skin, it  regulates excess sebum and removes impurities and toxins. Healing and softening, it soothes irritations of the scalp, including eczema. It is used as a hair mask, which also leaves a feeling of freshness. If you rinse the mask with lemon water, your hair will be brighter.


Against the excess of sebum: essential oils of rosemary, cypress and lemon.

Against dandruff: essential oils of cedar, rosemary hydrolate.

Benefits of green clay for the face


It is also absorbent. It is especially recommended for combination to oily skin, but also acne skins. Used as a mask, it purifies the skin, regenerates the tissues and tightens the pores. It also helps to combat premature aging and rosacea, as well as to alleviate wrinkles. A green clay mask consists of three tablespoons of clay and three tablespoons of mixed water, applied to the face, avoiding the eye contour, It dries) about ten minutes and rinsed with lukewarm water.


To decongest: concentrated extract of red vine.

Against the excess of sebum: essential oils of rosemary, cypress and lemon.

To replenish the skin: vegetable oils of borage, carrot and apricot, essential oil of wild carrot, hydrates of basil.

To dry the acne pimples: rose water.

Benefits of Green Clay for the Skin


In general, green clay is purifying and toning for the skin. In mask, poultice and even in bath water (two tablespoons diluted in a glass of water), it eliminates impurities, tightens the pores and softens the skin. Anti-inflammatory, it is effective against sunburn. It can still replace talc to soothe baby’s “red buttocks.”


To regenerate the skin: essential oils of lemon, rosemary and cypress.

To soothe sunburn: Vegetable oil of calendula.

How to choose green clay?

To retain all its properties, the green clay must have dried in the sun. It is crushed or powdered. For use in cosmetics, prefer the powder surfine, more pleasant to use.

Where to buy green clay?

In pharmacy or parapharmacy, but also in organic shops and on the Internet, on specialized sites.

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