Green juice diet for weight loss
Green juice diet for weight loss

Green juice diet for weight loss

Green juice diet is a heathy alternative for weight loss which is an easy process  without devoting too much time for training .

You can now lost three kilos in one week and if the application summits  green juice diet, which in addition to its effect in certain weight loss, it also works to filter the blood and gives a gorgeous skin.

Here we introduce a recipe of this green juice diet , which will become a permanent companion to you during the day, if the decision were taken to abide by this effective program  of green juice diet :

Juice components of green juice diet:

– 1 cup manure clip.

– 1 cup parsley.

– 1 cup mint.

– 2 green apple.

– 1 pear.

– Juice of the lemon.

How to prepare of green juice diet:

– Put a full kunas in a blender.

– Add 4 cups of water.

– Mix the ingredients well until you get a drink.

– My feet drink with ice cubes.

Outcomes of green juice diet:

The results of a definite national drinking the juice three times during the day, the first cup before breakfast and a cup before lunch half an hour while dinner is a two cups of sauce.

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