Green tea is new treatment against acne
green tea
green tea
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Green tea is new treatment against acne

The ECGC, the active substance found in green tea could be a promising treatment against acne.

Acne is a problem that affects many people, especially teenagers. It is characterized in particular by an excessive production of sebum and excessive proliferation of bacteria normally present in the skin, Propionibacterium acnes.

One of the drugs used today is isotretinoin, better known as the roaccutane. This derivative of vitamin A is often effective but have many potentially serious side effects such as the onset of mood disorders or a decrease of irreversible visual acuity. Korean researchers are therefore working actively to explore new therapeutic strategies.

They decided to observe the action of ECGC, a polyphenol found in high quantities in green tea, on human cells in the laboratory and found that this compound can effectively control the production of sebum and modulate ‘inflammation. More ECGC appears to have an antibacterial action by inhibiting the proliferation .

Based on these findings the researchers then administered green tea extract voluntary acne sufferers. Result: green tea is significantly effective and has no side effects.

This study is the first to have tested the effect of green tea in acne, other studies are caused to be published for more information on the most effective dose. Meanwhile dietary factors are known to strongly contribute to acne such as foods with high glycemic index  or dairy products .

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