Green tea is not recommended to be used too much

Green tea is not recommended to be used too much

 Green tea should be consumed in moderation. Drinking excess hot drink that could affect certain functions such as development and reproduction. 

The studies follow and often look to dismantle the health benefits of green tea. Prevention of diabetes and obesity, some cancers of the mouth colorectal, stimulating effect of anticancer drugs, protective role against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Its virtues are innumerable and everything grows to believe that green tea consumption can only do us good. But according to a recent study published in the medical journal Journal of Functional Foods, it seems that things are not so simple because in fact, excessive consumption of tea could affect certain functions such as development and reproduction.


Reproduction affected by excessive consumption of green tea

University of California researchers, Irvine (USA) evaluated the toxicity of  tea on Drosophila by exposing embryos and larvae at different doses of green tea polyphenols.

The findings of these experiments showed that larvae exposed to 10 milligrams of  tea are slow to develop and lead later to a smaller descent with a significant reduction in the number of “descendants”.

The researchers found that the flies exposed to 10 milligrams of green tea become more susceptible to starvation and heat, but seem better protected against dehydration.

They also found that their female offspring showed a decrease in the reproductive capacity and a 17% reduction of their life, however their male offspring is not affected.

And above all, high doses of green tea seem to increase apoptosis (cell death).

” tea may therefore have health benefits at lower doses, but side effects at high doses. If additional research are still needed, we suggest that consuming  tea in moderation “remind researchers.


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