Guide of curly hair
How to fasten your curly hair without iron?
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Guide of curly hair

Here are a set of methods of how you can  fasten  your curly hair ,and take care of it in a way that it will become so beautiful than before.

Methods of fasting  your curly hair:

Tired of your hair and want the course of an evening, wrap your hair? You can easily and curling iron.

This is not because your hair is straight you cannot change the head. And you do not necessarily need equipment to complete your hair. If you do not have a curling iron, you can still wear beautiful curly   hairwhenever the mood takes you.

Fasten your hair by twisting it

If you do not have a curling iron, however, it is possible for you to wrap your hair. The twists are very easy to achieve, even if you’re not very good at hair. To make a twist, simply wrap the bangs on themselves. More your lashes are thick, over your curls are wide. Then lift the twists in a bun, and secure on your skull with strips or wide elastic. Go to bed as well, and the next day, all defeats. You have beautiful curls. Stick to pass a light brush to give them some volume. If you are pressed for time and you want curly hair in an hour, spray water on all your hair before making the twists.

Fasten your hair braiding

By braids, you will not need either a curling iron for curls. Take three strands of hair, more or less thick depending on the volume you want to make your future loops, and make simple braids. More braids are reconciled skull, are the highest loops. You can play on volumes in the vertical and horizontal. For loops that last longer, you can apply hairspray before braiding your hair or wet. When you defer braids, you’ll love your curly hair.

Fasten your hair with a straightener

This may seem surprising, but a straightener can be used to curl your hair, like the curling iron. Wrap hair strands around your finger and wrap in aluminum foil. Once all your strands are ready, take the straightener, and place it a few seconds on the foil. You can enjoy your curly hair straight after.

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