Guide of tea diet
The tea diet

Guide of tea diet

Lose weight without hunger and lose fat without losing muscle while keeping the shape and the smile is the goal of “tea diet” Anne Dufour.

“Do not be destabilized by some thugs who claim that tea is for old girls, silly women and other rubbish from the same barrel,” exclaimed Anne Dufour in his book “Tea diet: detox, antikilos, and anti-stress 100% health, “” Tea always responds present, it never lets you down. And this in all circumstances, without treachery: 0% calorie, 100% of benefits, that the pact. It is characteristic of true friends. ”

Drink 4-5 cups of tea per day

Only the real tea – black tea, green tea or white tea – has slimming virtues according to Anne Dufour. This is not the case of red tea (Hibiscus), or any other infusion. She advises to drink 4 to 5 cups of the tea “nature” (no sugar) per day to lose the extra kilos and maintain its balanced weight. The author advises to take a few tea bags or tea thermos everywhere to be able to eat at any time of the day, and every meal must end with a tea.

See details of slimming properties of tea

100 slimming tea recipes

The book of Anne Dufour offers 100 original recipes slimming tea: fruit poached in tea, tea pots to agar, fish poached eggs and tea, meat marinated in tea, fresh tea leaves with soy sauce … not to mention the many recipes for flavored fruit teas and spices.

To lose weight, more green vegetables

The author advises to mentally cut his plate in three parts: one half for green vegetables (beans, spinach, kale, broccoli …), fourth for protein (meat, fish, eggs …) and fourth for starches (potatoes, pasta, rice, pulses …). She also recommends eating at least five different fruits and vegetables a day and always start meals with a vegetable platter or soup.

Three meals a day and that’s it

We must stick to three meals a day well structured and varied, says Anne Dufour, limiting portion sizes (maximum 100-150 grams of meat, poultry or fish, for example) and never used again! If you are hungry and nibble between meals, it means that you have not eaten enough at the Last Supper (note: the appetite suppressant effects of tea will help you control your between meals). Using smaller plates helps to eat less (psychological factor). Moreover, it is better to do his grocery shopping on a full stomach. At the restaurant: focus on a single dish of meat or fish accompanied by greens.

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