Hair loss in women is more common
Hair loss in women is more common than we think
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Hair loss in women is more common

Hair loss is much more common than we think in women over 25 years, according to a new British study, and it is a big issue that women should make attention it, and heal hair loss soon as possible before its too late.

About one in five women over 25 years is suffering from hair loss or have hair growing purposes. This is the conclusion of a new survey conducted by Philip Kingsley, a British company that manufactures hair care. Their research revealed that the risk of losing hair increases with age and more than half of those who suffer are between 45 and 64 years. Despite this, the hair loss can happen anytime in the life of a woman: a woman testified that on 8 age of 35 when she noticed that the hair was growing purposes.

“The percentage of women who suffer from having thin hair is greater than is often thought because many suffer in silence,” says Philip Kingsley a hair specialist and founder of the company. “Unfortunately, one third of women who have this problem reflects done nothing to solve it, perhaps because they feel too embarrassed to see a professional. ”

The drastic diets, processed foods, increased stress, some oral contraceptives, hormonal changes are factors that could cause hair loss according to Philip Kingsley.

He recommends to go to a professional if you notice any symptoms associated with excessive hair loss. Among them: you lose more hair than normal for more than two months, you find that your hair does not grow as much as before, the tip of your hair is fine or that your ponytail is thinner than usual.

Philip Kingsley recommends a three-pronged approach to better treat hair loss by combining the hair treatments and   protein spray with a balanced diet, good care for the internal and external problems.


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