Hairstyle looking when wear a hat
How hairstyle looks when wearing a hat?
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Hairstyle looking when wear a hat

The hat is the perfect accessory for a perfect hairstyle, especially when it is cold. But it also has some disadvantages.

Reflex 1: choose hairstyle products that allow to stay well capped with a hat

When you want a nice hairstyle while wearing a hat, avoid using products called “wetting” as gels or oils. Their material may be absorbed into the hat … and eventually deform it.

Preferred their textures called “dry” such as sprays, powders, foams, sprays or dry shampoos. Products which we can not do without when wearing a hat and that was fine hair. It is essential for texturizing fiber and give her body.

Whether you keep your hair loose or tied, these styling products ensure the matient hairdressing. And above all it avoids us when removing hair ruffled coats and hats.

Reflex 2: bass prefer hairstyle to wear a hat with sophistication

To the hairdresser Olivier Lebrun, do not hesitate to make appropriate¬†hairstyle rather than simply let the hair. Attach his hair makes life easier when wearing a hat … and that prevents it from slipping.

4 hairstyles adopt when wearing a hat:

– A simple ponytail, placing the clip at the bottom of the neck. This is the famous pony tail. Variation: put the clip behind the ear for an effect side hair (the hair on the side), very trendy.

– A braid hairstyle is the must of the season. A spike or African, that is on the side of the mat to be able to bring over his shoulder.

– A low bun on the nape of the neck. We may decline too twisted or braided versions.

– A headband or crown braid in her hair which is rolled before coming to ask the hat.

Can we create an evening hairstyle with his hat?

Hat and sophisticated hairstyle are not incompatible. Quite the contrary. Watch weddings or horse racing. Just some ideas to create a hairstyle 2 in 1 hat with outside and inside … hatless.

– It hides a bun under her hat, to create two different hairstyles and surprise everyone when removing his headgear.

– It creates a headband with a silk scarf and just integrate the length of the scarf in a side mat before you add the hat as a final touch.

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