Hammam: at their own pace
Hammam: at their own pace
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Hammam: at their own pace

Wet and progressive heat, scrub, massage and mint tea … The hammam is a place of wellness and beauty that combines the feminine as masculine.

In the real hammam, moist heat is distributed in several successive rooms with rounded ceilings covered with oriental mosaics. Before starting the hammam, you have to coat the body with black soap, a paste for deep cleaning of the skin when it is softened by steam.

The heat acclimatization is progressive since it goes from the least to the most burning hot room, at their own pace. The steam bath is followed by a shower to rinse off the soap and then a massage to vigorous exfoliating loofah whose objective is to remove dead skin.

At this basic care we can add a body mask Rassoul, a kind of clay, or henna to lightly brown the skin. Next come massages with fragrant oils and possibly facial beauty treatments. Finally, it is advisable to settle in relaxation room for a while sipping mint tea or orange blossom.

Traditionally hammams are not mixed but reserved, depending on the day, either to women or to men. One can walk around naked or in a swimsuit.

The hammam diet

The hammam is above all a great way to relax and improve skin appearance. We can not say that it causes  losing weight . However, the hot steam baths help to eliminate toxins and other scrubs and massage to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Therefore, the steam can have beneficial effects on cellulite and orange peel. Moreover, the feeling of physical and mental well-being that provides the hammam is quite conducive to the smooth running of a slimming diet.

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