Healthmagazine : 5 questions for Cristina Cordula
Healthmagazine : 5 questions for Cristina Cordula
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Healthmagazine : 5 questions for Cristina Cordula

The former model becomes a true “capillary coach” and gives her advice for always hair on top. Time for an interview, she confides in Healthmagazine about this new collaboration and capillary routine.

Healthmagazine: How did you become a spokesperson Head & Shoulders?

Cristina Cordula “Head & Shoulders came to me and I’m very flattered When speaking of Head & Shoulders, we immediately think of dandruff, but you really show that this is a shampoo that can be used. even if one does not have one because it heals the foremost scalp. If not careful scalp, you can not have beautiful hair and I repeat it in all my ! emissions must take care, oxygenate and hydrate Just as we take care of your skin, take care of her scalp. This is the basis. ”

Healthmagazine: what care you bring to your hair every day?

Cristina Cordula, “I do not much care because I do not have dry or oily hair that they require special care I wash my hair every two days with a specific shampoo for fine and colored hair After.. I always do a cold shower to close the scales and make them shine because a beautiful hair is a hair that shines. When I go out at night and I want them to do a lot and shine effect mirror, I use a lip gloss that also gives a more sophisticated side. ”

Healthmagazine: who takes care of your hair in Paris?

Cristina Cordula “! This is Mr. Massato Massato that cuts I go every 3 weeks as a short cut application maintenance!..”

Healthmagazine: How did you get past the “pixie cut”?

Cristina Cordula. “This short cut 30 years ago I was offered, it was not my idea I was 20, I was in Milan, I was not doing the job I wanted to do, j ‘was quite sad not exercise his modeling career. I left Brazil to start an international career. There I was already a model, but with long hair. I had a very Brazilian look, we We love long hair, it was a fairly classic look. It’s a hairdresser who told me “You know why you do not work as you want? This is because you are cheesy with these long hair sweetie! “. The next day I had to come to Paris for Fashion Week, he said” If you do not cut your hair, you will not succeed. .. “. To the point where I was, so sad and depressed, I had complete trust ! I arrived in Paris, I started working, my career was launched. Today I otherwise not see me. After I do not think it’s fair that haircut that allowed me to be successful. ”

Healthmagazine: What advice would you give to women who want to spend a short cut?

Cristina Cordula “The first advice I would give to women is to not switch to a cut that they will not have to go to a good hairdresser to make a beautiful tailored cut, modern and dynamic, which puts the head carriage! in value. Everyone can not have short hair, just for long hair, for example me it was not me, I saw it and now I know. Sometimes, some of my clients who come the agency tell me they want to have short hair, they are not afraid, but I tell them no, it’s not going to them. Why? Because it depends on its morphology. “

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