The henna powder multifaceted
The henna powder multifaceted
The henna powder multifaceted
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Henna powder’s benefits

We know especially henna to reflections that gives hair and tattoos. Less for its “care” side hair and oily skin …

Before being a powder, henna is a shrub that looks like a bush, and whose small green leaves are very rich in active molecules. It is they who tint their hair or skin red auburn. In the Eastern tradition, vegetable, cultivated particularly in North Africa, has an important symbolic value. It is thus used to tattoo the hands and feet of brides. And steam, it works as a poultice to soften the skin. These are the Egyptian women who first, have incorporated in their beauty rituals. The product appeared in France in the nineteenth century, for the first hair dyes. There are now different powders under this name.

Attention to product quality!

All henna protect hair through a sheathing action. They are also purifying when applied to the skin. But, only one called “natural” brings the famous red highlights. Their quality can also be random. “Some are well cut with powdered iron, aluminum or lead salts, without this being mentioned on the packaging, which alters course the quality of the product, says Anna Grandjean. Hence the interest to prefer brands known to enjoy the benefits of this plant. Better to avoid buying on the markets, for example. ” Ditto for tattoos practiced on vacation places: Abstain if the color is black, because the henna powder was probably mixed with a very allergenic dye and harmful to the skin.

A soft dye

Natural henna contains a dye molecule, called lawsone. It is thanks to her that the hair can take soft mahogany highlights without damaging. “In contrast to permanent colorations which are within the fiber, the scales open and deposit their pigment inside, henna is superimposed on the lengths without changing the material. And it takes up to a month and a half, “continued Anna Grandjean. This explains why the traditional coloring does not take a henna coloring, which must be made on a virgin hair. If you want to hide your gray hair, Anna Grandjean recommends a prior natural henna, which covers perfectly all the “son funds”. Then, in a second stage, applying a colored neutral henna (Cassia italica, mixed with pigments). For henna brown or blond does not completely mask white hair: they remain visible in transparency.

A purifying action

Henna is also a very good hair care. To enjoy its benefits without having coloring Action, choose neutral henna from the plant Cassia italica. “It is rich in tannins, which are fixed on the keratin of the hair and thicken the hair diameter. Therefore it brings the body and volume to fine hair. It also contains flavonoids that strengthen the fiber structure and protects against free radical damage, “continues Anna Grandjean. Its action is also purifying by absorbing excess oil, both in the scalp than on the skin.

Various associations with henna

The basic recipe: add 350 ml water 100g tempered with natural henna powder and let stand several hours. The preparation is then applied with an exposure time of one to two hours, depending on the desired intensity.

If Dried or dehydrated hair: replace the water with a teaspoon of vegetable sweet almond oil (or shea or coconut) for 100g of henna or whole yoghurt.

For more pronounced reflections: add the juice of a lemon to the initial preparation.
For a more subtle effect: pour half a cup of black tea and more in the recipe.

For more volume: complete the basic mixture with a glass of lager.

Recipe of the self-tanning henna

Pour hot water over 150 g of it until you get an elastic dough a little, easy to spread. Let the mixture rest for an hour or overnight if you can, in the refrigerator. Then place the dough over the whole body with a spatula. Then wait 3 minutes to clear skin and up to 5 on a more matte complexion before rinse in the shower.

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