Zouave pants or Hereditary overweight
Zouave pants or Hereditary overweight

Zouave pants or Hereditary overweight

The Zouave pants or hereditary overweight is characterized by an accumulation of fat in the form of Fiddler on any part of the body between the navel and the knees.

Fat is cold on the upper outer part of the thighs (cellulite) and warm above the pubis. This typically feminine profile is associated with disorders of the blood and lymphatic circulation and is usually accompanied by an exaggerated arch of the back.

As the name suggests, it is hereditary: women who suffer are born with a tendency to be overweight which gradually increases over time with puberty, pregnancy, menopause, taking hormones, the gynecological problems … The accumulation of fat can be aggravated by smoking and physical inactivity and eventually spread to the arms and legs as well. Just like saddlebags, the Zouave pants is unsightly but no negative impact on health in most cases.

Anti-kilos strategy adapted to this morphotype:

  1. Monitor your diet

Closely monitor the intake of salt and salty foods to reduce water retention: industrial products, prepared meals, breakfast cereals, chips, sweet or savory biscuits, smoked fish, cold cuts, preserves, sauces and seasonings …

Exclude bad fats (saturated): butter, cream, cheeses, fatty meats

Remove sugars (carbohydrates with high glycemic index): sugar, white bread, biscuits, chocolate, confectionery, jams, pastries …

Fenugreek: 1 capsule morning, noon and night to improve insulin sensitivity

In his book “Lose weight by your body,” Dr. Raphael Blairvacq offers dieting with custom low-calorie menus for this morphotype.

  1. adapted sports program

Those corresponding to this morphotype should focus on physical activity.

Three quarters of an hour of endurance sports (cycling or brisk walking) every other day and two hours of hiking on Sunday.

Bodybuilding exercises to work the abdominal muscles, glutes and inner thighs.

  1. Addressing localized fat

Green Tea: 1 capsule in the morning and noon to be taken during meals with a glass of water (stimulates fat burning).

Red Vine: 1 capsule morning, noon and evening to take with meals and a full glass of water (stimulates blood and lymph circulation).

Additional techniques (in order of effectiveness): liposculpture, mesotherapy, endermologie, pressure, thermodermie, manual lymphatic drainage and massage.

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