His extracurricular activity no longer pleases him: how to re-motivate him?
His extracurricular activity no longer pleases him: how to re-motivate him?

His extracurricular activity no longer pleases him: how to re-motivate him?

The tiredness of the end of the year, the cold that settles down, the lack of luminosity and the super animated cartoons programmed on TV seem to have overcome his enthusiasm for his extracurricular activity. How to restore the desire to reconnect with an artistic or sports leisure?

His extracurricular activity no longer pleases him: how to re-motivate him?

Out-of-school activities: why is it demotivated?

The reasons are multiple and vary according to the children and the activity, of course.

It may initially run out at the end of the year after only a few weeks of activity due to bad weather (training outdoors in the cold does not tell him good), days less long and less bright, Tiring school days, entry into the winter.
Unless his activity is scheduled one day of the week after school or on Wednesday, on Saturday when he would rather play or bubble in his room …
The frenzy experienced at the beginning of the year for this new discipline may also have ebbed. He begins to realize that he is not as talented as that and that he will have to redouble his efforts if he is to progress. And then, it suddenly becomes much less fun.
The absence of a buddy who has already given up may have been right in his motivation.
Sometimes it is the duration of the course that is involved. The child does not have the same perception of time as adults. Imagine that a year’s course for a 5-year-old is one-fifth of his life. Rather enormous, right? It is normal that he sometimes gets tired a little.

Lack of motivation: signs that do not deceive

Extracurricular activities Observe your child well because often he will not dare to tell you about his demotivation openly. It is therefore his behavior and his psychosomatic manifestations that can enlighten you. He is often sick, smeared, drags his feet before going to the activity in question, he does not prepare his business or forgets half of it at home. If he still attends his piano or football lesson, he can also show himself mediocre or squabble with his classmates or pretend that the teacher is too harsh, wicked, and so on. This deserves a little investigation because in this case, there may be a share of true.

If he is taller around 10-12 years old, he may pretext that he has a math lesson to finish. Children sometimes use homework as an alibi. They know that it affects parents and there is a greater chance that adults will give up.

Lack of enthusiasm for out-of-school activities: is he expected to talk about it?

Not really. It is up to the adult to take the first step. No question of pointing the finger directly to the problem and ask him if he wants to change activity. He may well say yes. Ask him more questions about his motivation: “We feel, with Dad, that you are exhausted a little, that you have less enthusiasm, are we wrong?” Or “In your activity what amuses you and what amuses you less?”. It is also a good way to see what can be arranged to improve its comfort.

Extracurricular activities: What if he really wants to give up?

If you feel a real malaise (it does not sleep anymore, do not eat anymore, cry often …), it is better to stop and move on. Do not wait until next year to re-enroll them in a new activity, but rather choose a pluri-discipline. This is especially possible in ventilated centers where children can move from one activity to another without constraint.

Tell yourself that this is not a drama and avoid being disappointed in your choice. On the contrary. His desire to flutter does not testify to his inconstancy but to his curiosity and his appetite for knowledge. All these experiences will build it at the end of the day.

Between 5 and 7 years leave it in this approach of discovery all the way and then towards 8-9 years after having skimmed many activities, help him to channel himself on a single one. Having become mature enough, it can be rewarding for him to become performant in a field.

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